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Psychology MA

How one thing science, declaring the authority to excellence, examines something as imperfect as a person? Or possibly that's why it will it? The Science (something striving at perfection) takes up something deficient by character. It??s a disharmony and due to that, each of them influence one another. The psychology affects a persons being if you attempt to enhance it through the cognition and also the human influences psychology ?C making certainly one of its faces used and give people a bit of advice. Based on that, you will find two psychologies. The inside and also the exterior one. The outside is the perfect one. Scientific. The inside may be the human one. Are both surely in close connection with one another. But where am I said to be?

I wish to enter between each of them. Similarly, to assist science improve an individual, but however to understand that it's science that ought to serve the folks, not the opposite way round. Idealism? Obviously it's. I wish to be considered a science??s servant and concurrently to carry sway regarding this. Idealism again? Kind of. Will studies verify that? Most likely. Also it might be why I wish to study. As Huxley once stated: There??s just one corner from the world you can be positive of enhancing, which??s yourself..?? Or possibly I'll bare this naivety and share a few of the values with this particular science? We'll both leave our stamps on one another. I'm able to even state that we've already began to achieve that.

One thing it's already given me may be the one I've pointed out above. It produces the readiness to enhance yourself. I believe the same was with Fromm. His idea of an individual is definitely an idealistic one. It encourages people to do something, to see his (along with other researchers??) books, to acquaint with ??Charaktery?? the Polish same as the British ??The Psychiatrist??. Although not only. For where would be the roots of psychology? In philosophy obviously. So that as psychology arrived on the scene of philosophy, I wish to perform the same. And due to that i'm studying for that Philosophical Olympiad. I'm going in to the works of various authors: Tatarkiewicz, Mackie, Kolakowski, Voltaire, Russell. However, philosophers are extremely wise for me personally. Among the above pointed out stated: The essential reason for unfortunately that nowadays the stupid are cocksure as the intelligent are filled with doubt.?? I'd like to be certain of something, and psychology provides me with a type of confidence. I'm not embarrassed with such stupidity I'm a little embarrassed with my articles released on my small Internet blog as well as in the posts in our school newspaper. These were naive and immature. However they have given me an impact of my imperfection. Which was the following motivating factor. It's strange, but by reading through ones?? old posts, it's possible to widen his horizons too, that is self-improvement!

Another method to develop yourself is as simple as helping others to do this. Because of that, I grew to become a co-writer of two Polish senior high school books.

Furthermore, I trained dancing for four years. Hence that, sport psychology is familiar in my experience. Success, failure, competition, cooperation, motivation. I understand what these words mean. Aside from that, sport is yet another method of self-improvement, isn??t it?

I'm from Belgium. I've been studying British for 12 years. Because of that, I passed FCE for B and CAE for C grade. I wish to study in the uk because besides studying inside a language appears to become something ambitious but additionally I simply love that attitude and culture. I ought to also admit that, getting in your mind a brief history of philosophy, the philosophers I love probably the most originated from Britain. It's stated that interest in psychology studies is really huge because candidates either don't know what they need to complete within their lives or they've complexes and accept the illusory belief that by studying psychology, they'll eliminate them. I believe that, with full responsibility, I'm able to say I don't fit in with these groups.

Colleges Put on:

This can be a postgraduate application for any Masters in Psychology

St. Andrews ?C Not successful

Glasgow ?C 65% from each subject on Matura exam

Aberdeen ?C sixth stanine overall (Recognized)

Bradford ?C 55% from 2 extended subjects

Shell ?C 75% overall


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