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Psychology 15

Personal encounters lead to why I are interested in psychology that leads onto me attempting to perform a degree within this selected subject. The most crucial experience in my experience that is highly relevant to psychology is coping with someone for 16 years who suffers with schizophrenia which involved me within the Youthful Carers. Schizophrenia is a massive a part of my existence leading to me wanting to explore associations and individuals in general. It affects an individuals brain and just how we behave diversely. A specific curiosity about psychology will be the clinical, health insurance and psychodynamic sides because of being buddies with those who have manic depression, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism and brain damage. Researching therapy might help me to know how these folks deal with their disabilities. Piaget and Vygotskys ideas are of great interest also because they show how children respond in a different way to others to be able to learn.

Reading through autobiographies about those who have experienced sexual and mental abuse shows me how difficult peoples lives could be. I recieve a feeling of what individuals undergo and the things they should do to deal. It's interesting to understand just how much they are able to achieve whenever you learn about their present lives. Real existence tales in gossip columns are of great interest in addition to you are able to compare your existence to individuals peoples to determine how similar we really are. I watch documentaries about remarkable individuals to observe how they deal with mental or physical disabilities. Previously I've volunteered in art classes with children which provided understanding of methods every individual evolves at different stages and just how they express their feelings. This led to volunteering in a daycare center with learning disabled people which provided more persistence and feel of how people go to town through art.

Experience in an art center aiding in art classes with babies, children and learning disabled was very useful when i saw just how much these folks can perform and demonstrated the different amounts of artwork Another experience what food was in Hertfordshire college within the ceramic and fashion departments which comprised of general cleaning tasks, helping using the open day and displays.

Throughout years 7, 8 and 9 I've been involved with open nights in school where prospective students were proven round. I've been part of a saxophone ensemble for five years in solo and chamber concerts. My artwork is a a part of displays that have been proven towards the public. I assisted to setup the final exhibition where I had been proven how you can present artwork correctly.

My particular interest rates are art would be a beginning indicate psychology where I spent many hrs each day focusing on my small individual drawing abilities. Music can also be necessary for me as I`m always hearing it and also have performed the saxophone for five years. During my spare time I like reading through magazines, watching television, browsing on the internet and socialising. Helping others provides me with the opportunity to gain an awareness about the subject by interacting with assorted people. I can do that through my part-time job where I'm coping with clients and constantly speaking for them. It provides me independence and an opportunity to show my responsibility and reliability inside a team so that as a person.

Transpire of likely to college is to become psychiatrist to discover about people`s feelings and explore their problems to deal with them. I must bring my art directly into this later onto maybe become a skill counselor to help individuals express their feelings through art.


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