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Social and Political Sciences

In 2003 I completed my HIGCSEs in Pretoria the town I resided set for 12 many years of my existence. I'd dreamed of studying in great britan since childhood this motivated me to achieve worldwide qualifications through home study, which assisted me to build up my very own study style and ethic. So in 2004 I left home and gone to live in Andover, Hampshire where I required A levels in British Literature, Biology and Chemistry to increase the British, History, Financial aspects and Biology qualifications I??d achieved in SA. I presently try to support myself, and lodge having a family from my chapel.

Reading through about history, financial aspects and sociology has opened up the planet for me personally, and increased my curiosity about development with an worldwide level. This interest originates in my opinion of becoming an adult within an emerging economy with lots of under developed qualities. Studying macroeconomics provided understanding of a brand new dimension of things affecting nations, and assisted me to help know how nations impact eachother. Reading through modern world history provided understanding of how today??s governmental structures and ideologies developed. Fitting these puzzle pieces together continues to be thrilling in my experience. I analyzed An amount Biology to help explore practical methods for becoming involved with under developed development. I checked out the job of worldwide organisations like the WHO, and grew to become conscious of the requirement for understanding of the neighborhood political, sociological and cultural climate before trying to enforce or apply solutions.

Studying isn??t the only real factor in existence that excites me. I'm a very keen rock climber and walker, climbing two times per week and frequently starting on outside adventures. I rose Mt Kilimanjaro in The month of january this season. I hiked up Ben Nevis after which from Fort William lower to Glasgow in August. I like travelling and am fortunate enough to consistently achieve this, getting visited 21 different nations during my existence. I'm likely to travel further throughout my gap year simultaneously I'll be obtaining further experience. This season I really hope to consider a component-time access course in An amount History. I??ve loved reading through since childhood. I just read fantasy, adventure, classics, and non-fiction. I like Jane Austen, Sophie??s World?? by Jostein Gaarder and ??Gods, Graves and Students The Storyline of The archaeology of gortyn?? by C.W.Ceram. I've got a huge appetite for learning and absorbing more. I just read articles from ??Time?? magazine, ??The Nation's Geographic?? and BBC, and that i search on the internet to see throughout my regions of interest. Hearing music is important in my experience I pay attention to classical music and a number of rock continuously. I like art and drama. I speak Afrikaans and French. I like critical and analytical writing. I love cooking. I'm a passionate Christian, greatly involved with my chapel community.

I soundly loved my academic studies and also have frequently expressed the need to be an eternal student. I'm highly focused, disciplined and passionate. I'm well organised, with existence experience to back me up. I've also become adaptable, getting moved several occasions both lately and usually. I'm magnetised by challenge. I'm logical and analytical. I've a professional knowledge of myself and also have emerged being an individual. I sincerely think that I've an remarkable drive and resolve for provide my studies, which my mature, hungry attitude cannot dissatisfy you.

Colleges Put on:

You are able to (Politics) ?C Unconditional

Cambridge (Social and Political Sciences) ?C Unconditional (Firm and Recognized)

Edinburgh (Geography and Politics) ?C Withdrew

Queens College Belfast (Politics) ?C Withdrew

Bristol (Politics) ?C Declined

Durham College (Social Sciences) ?C Withdrew

Grades Accomplished:

HIGCSE British Language ?C 1

HIGCSE History ?C 1

HIGCSE Financial aspects ?C 2

HIGCSE Biology- 2

GCE An Amount British Literature ?C A

GCE An Amount Biology ?C A

GCE An Amount Chemistry ?C C


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