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Physics 8

From the very young age I recall pondering questions which were, in my experience, apparently unanswerable: what been around prior to the Large Bang? Do not know paperclip drawn to a magnet? Now that i'm older and also have a wider understanding of current physics, I'm able to contemplate other, more involved questions.How is it feasible that the cat could be alive and dead simultaneously? What is holding an atom together? I'm intrigued by these ideas and am hungry to understand the ideas needed to try to explain them. I welcome the possibilities of investing effort and time dealing with the scientific community to attain a wider appreciation around the globe we reside in and seeking to achieve an amount of understanding as high out of the box possible in one lifetime.

My primary interest within physics is based on quantum mechanics. About 2 yrs ago I had been proven a relevant video on the web by an amazed friend that described the outcomes of Youthful??s double slit experiment (using electrons) in easy terms. I had been stunned to determine that the single electron can go through two slits at the same time, but the moment its path is observed it ??decides?? to do something inside a different manner! My lack of knowledge from the subject produced a desire to have me to explore this astonishing idea therefore i read ??Quantum: Helpful Information for that Perplexed?? by Jim Al-Khallili. Out of this brilliant book I learnt concerning the means by that the electron transforms right into a probability wave or ??wavefunction?? and intervenes with itself after diffracting from the slits. It then got me into complex programs of the experiment and, together with various magazine and Top internet articles, I clarified personally intricate ideas for example Schrodinger??s cat and quantum entanglement. I additionally read ??The Problem with Physics?? by Lee Smolin by which he describes previous attempts at unification of numerous ideas in physics, like the effective unification of electricity and magnetism, or even the not successful unification of sunshine and seem. Then he continues to describe among the current attempts in the unification of known forces and contaminants ?C string theory. Personally i think that reading through on these subjects has prepared me well for undergraduate physics and i'm excited at the possibilities of their studies at a greater level.

To acquaint myself with how physics may be used practically, I asked for a vacation to the Quantum Optics and Laser Science Research Group at Imperial College London. I aided a PhD student and the supervisor every single day for 3 days within their ion-trapping project that targeted to reveal quantum computing. My primary job ended up being to develop a circuit to energy an electron beam. The beam was adopted to create ions from calcium atoms, as ions tend to be more easily altered. However, the circuit needed to be built-in such a manner it would instantly adjust the concentration of the beam to create the perfect quantity of ions.

During my free time, I'm generally found playing the drum package. After passing Grade 8 with distinction I've adopted teaching and play in four different music groups: a concert band, a jazz group, a brass band and my very own funk fusion band. I like carrying out around London and yearly touring European nations using the school concert band. To exercise I play football and ping pong with buddies. Well, I've symbolized my school on numerous occasions in football, rugby and athletics competitions.

Studying the 3 sciences and maths in a-level has provided me the chance to understand more about an array of different ideas, techniques and problems and it has gave me an extensive scientific training base that If only to build up further. Many of these subjects pose exciting challenges, but my primary passion is perfect for physics. I greatly anticipate submerging myself within the subject later on years although taking pleasure in other challenges of college existence.

Colleges Put on:

Cambridge ?C Not successful after interview

Imperial ?C AAA Recognized

Durham ?C AAA

Warwick ?C AAB

Nottingham ?C AAB


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