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Physics 5

I've found probably the most attractive areas of physics is when complex situations could be described with simple ideas. I like the logical facets of the topic and love the task of breaking an issue lower to the fundamental components to reach a reason. This is often observed in case study of circular motion where considering the issue simply, when it comes to Newton??s laws and regulations, enables me to derive equations completely explaining the motion.

My enthusiasm for science stretches past the class. My particular interest rates are reading through about new developments and that i especially enjoy reading through about particle physics in guides for example ??New Researcher?? and thru articles on the web. I relish finding how our knowledge of the littlest bits of matter has resulted in groundbreaking breakthroughs within the biggest fields for example cosmology and just how this leads to a unified area theory. I'm particularly following a developments at CERN when it comes to this and am excited through the work on the LHC to obtain the Higgs Boson and ensure the conventional model. I've read books by Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking as well as find Richard Feynman??s lectures on physics an excellent extension to my current studies. I've known for them on various occasions, specially when focusing on the kinetic theory of the ideal gas, stretching the sophistication of my understanding and understanding to some greater level. I'm keen to carry on this at college and beyond with my ambition for any career in research.

I'm maintaining breadth in addition to depth during my studies if you take four A2 subjects. My decision to defend myself against an additional As with Further Maths this season like a self-trained subject was to make sure that I possibly could extend my mathematical expertise enabling me to more fully study science subjects in a-level and beyond. Personally i think a seem mathematical background is essential in almost any scientific endeavour. I'm competing within the Chemistry Olympiad this season as well as using the AEA within this subject as well as in physics. In planning of these I understand I've increased my understanding greatly and that i have accepted the task it brings. I've created a presentation on protein synthesis that is now used inside my college to train AS Biology students.

Experience inside my local hospital??s audiology department shown in my experience that physics isn't just a theoretical subject but additionally has numerous practical programs too. Seeing ??physics for action?? shows me the actual worth of fundamental research because of its myriad uses within the real life.

I lead towards the existence of my college by assisting regularly in the school??s open nights along with other occasions in addition to carrying out other responsibilities like a prefect. I performed rugby for that college for 4 years, in performing that we acquired an awareness of the significance of team-work that we aspire to affect work afterwards during my education and existence. Outdoors of school I've volunteered during my local Oxfam shop and that i are proud of giving something to the city. To unwind outdoors of school work I like playing the bass guitar, hill walking and also the theatre.

I've every aim of transporting on my small studies of science publish college and that i would like to carry on into research. Personally i think that my genuine adoration for the topic coupled with my focused attitude towards work and learning will let me pursue this path. I'm excited through the challenge of work on a greater and much deeper level and am confident I hold the requisite abilities, motivation and understanding to achieve success.

Colleges Put on:

Cambridge (Natural Sciences) ?C AAA

Southampton (Particle Physics with year abroad) ?C Unconditional

Bristol (Physics) ?C AAB

Durham (Physics) ?C AAB

Warwick (Physics) ?C AAB


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