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Philosophy 1

I've selected to review Philosophy since i discover the subject stimulating and enjoyable. I've found the minds of great philosophers for example Plato and Aristotle exciting particularly Plato??s Myth from the Cave

I've done a large amount of reading through about philosophy including Plato??s ??Republic?? and ??Sophie??s World?? by Jostien Gaarder. Throughout my AS level Religious Studies course I loved learning the building blocks of numerous ethical ideas for instance utilitarianism, natural law and situation ethics. I discovered the minds of Kant and Augustine around the problem of freedom particularly fascinating. I'm presently focusing on a bit of training in line with the philosophy of religion and also the problem of evil and that i discover the problems which arise out of this problem intriguing

I like my British Literature course since i like examining the manuscripts. I love to read books and visit the theatre during my free time. I've particularly loved the performance of ??Othello?? at Stratford and also the recent tour of ??Stomp??. If only to help my studies in philosophy and improve my analytical abilities. In my opinion the abilities and understanding needed for philosophy are crucial these days world because it forms the bottom for a lot of reasoned arguments and examines our judgements and choices

I've had several part-time jobs which have permitted me to operate carefully using the public, solve problems as part of a team and provide me financial independence. I'm a person in Amnesty Worldwide and support their ongoing campaigns. I've completed my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh honours. Through i have acquired new abilities and enhanced others. I've learnt essential map reading through abilities and fundamental first-aid and enhanced my working together and communications abilities

I'm keen on music and also have accomplished Grade four in Piano. I additionally take part in the drums and also have lately started to learn how to play your guitar. I frequently visit live bands which is certainly one of the best methods for investing my free time

I take an energetic curiosity about sixth form activities. I've assisted using the sixth form pantomime both this season and this past year. This past year I required part in creating the minds for that styles and writing the script. I additionally assisted to create making probably the most prominent areas of the set. This season I've became a member of the writing committee and can go ahead and take same duties as this past year for that set.


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