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Nursing 3

I've been thinking about the nursing profession since i have would be a child, but because of my parent??s financial difficulty, I had been not able to offer the necessary qualification in school. The birth of my last child who's asthmatic and is affected with severe eczema has precipitated my go back to education to be able to understand my ambition and dream. The support from the hospital staff makes me more going to achieve transpire

In 2001, I choose to match my interest and ambition to my abilities and sign-up for Pre Use of Science Study

I'm presently around the Use of Nursing course at Lambeth College, to build up and improve my understanding and abilities in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology, British, IT, Study Abilities, Professional Communication Abilities, Welfare and Society. These will improve my possibility of attaining admittance to the college in year 2003. In my opinion this program will assisted me to speak effectively with assorted people, meeting deadline and situation equip me using the necessary abilities required to specialize in Mental Health Nursing. The best subjects are Biology and focus Abilities

Like a mother of three, I like dealing with the kids, supporting all of them with their school projects and work carefully using the schools to enhance their performance and progress

I labored under your own accord like a Coordinator for that youth portion of my chapel. My role involves arranging, planning and matching programmes, working together along with other youth clubs locally, getting involved in displays, competitions, festivals and song revivals

I additionally fund raise for that Old Peoples Home and kids in need of assistance. These roles have enhanced my capability to think things through and solve problems

Being employed as a Care Assistant, have enhance my understanding from the need and support of patients as well as their relatives in a variety of departments. My responsibilities include personal proper care of the individual, bathing, dressing, feeding and laundry. While at the office, I'm responsible to share with and report any sudden alterations in the health of the individual, maintain discretion, attend training periods to upgrade my understanding, in order to satisfy the standards and anticipation of the standard of patient care. These responsibilities have given me more experience, assist me to to handle difficult situation by utilizing my initiative, more supportive, and much more worried about the wellness and feelings of others. Regardless of my responsibilities, I can keep my work and family commitment in balance

During my free time, I like reading through current matters, folktales with the kids and cooking multicultural dishes. Their studies at your institute of excellence will equip and make preparations me for any effective career in nursing.


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