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Music Technology 1

Music happens to be the most crucial facet of my existence. Since age nine, I've developed my natural capability to take part in the guitar with the help of pitch perfect hearing. I've also began and became a member of bands from 11 years old, but I've been fully devoted to my current band during the last 2 yrs, playing at prestige venues for example Manchester College, Liverpool College and also the famous Cavern Club. In my opinion the prosperity of this guitar rock band to become because of my commitment and devotion to achieve success.

My wide understanding of computer systems has additionally assisted me to complete tasks in Music Technology. I've built my very own computer coupled with lots of experience of establishing home windows 98 and home windows 2000 including establishing home systems for both my loved ones as well as for LAN games with buddies.

I've also produced a 14 track Compact disc that contains my bands music, which we've recorded using our very own equipment and also have designed all of the artwork for and marketed on our web site to fans, buddies and potential fans.

I've also assisted to record a Compact disc in my Music Technology teacher, which i've mixed and mastered. It was helpful for me personally since it involved more practice in the skill of seem engineering and live recording.

Within the holiday following the GCSE exams, I made the decision which i wanted to obtain a job like a sales assistant to generate money personally also to gain experience. I've now been faithful to T J Hughes since that date and also have labored there for roughly 1 3/college. Over that time period, Personally i think I've developed more maturity and also have learnt how you can diffuse difficult situations and work pressurized individually. Personally i think I've been given more responsibility during my time working, that has developed me like a person, since it has motivated me to understand that you're compensated for that work you devote. I additionally feel it advantageous to pitch suggestions to the organization which i think may enhance the efficiency and excellence of service and product inside the business, after learning the company works.

Contribution in lots of extra curricular activities has additionally been untaken, in occasions for example under your own accord assisting on open nights for that school, joining the college swing band like a bass guitarist, despite the fact that I??m not really a natural bass player. I loved practicing the guitar in class productions including getting out of bed around the stage to perform a solo within the show.

My AS level grades were something I'm very happy with which incorporated two A??s running a business studies and British Language together with a mark of 100/105 in module 1 for British Language, a C in Computing even though I needed to get caught up since i hadn't carried out GSCE IT along with a D in Music Technology that is presently waiting for a remark. General Studies was something I took part in despite it not compulsory and that i effectively acquired a C that qualified me to accept exam at A2.

I consider myself to become a sporty person and also have symbolized the college in rugby and football until an injuries threatened my music ambitions. I've lately became a member of a five-a-side football team, that has won the league within the first season and were runners-up within the next one, in the end presently sit at the very top.

After my degree, If only to enter the background music business and operate in a recording studio or work at seem recording in media industry. I additionally aspire to take my band so far as additionally, it can go and strive for this to achieve success.


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