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Medicine 43

From age six, my curiosity about human biology had always made medicine an all natural choice. More lately, this has turned into a realistic goal as my examination grades and non-academic accomplishments demonstrate I have the opportunity and aptitude to become effective physician. My A-level subjects have given us a seem scientific understanding base and also have developed abilities and characteristics that are particularly highly relevant to my selected degree. Included in this are observational, investigative, analytical, reasoning and communication abilities. My self-confidence, self-reliance, adaptability and readiness to visualize responsibility happen to be enhanced not only through my studies but through extra-curricular activities and considerable experience.

Since 2005 I've carried out various positions started inside a C.D.U with autistic children, then per week in paediatrics. Throughout the summer time of 2006 I handled to achieve two days inside a general practice, which greatly elevated my enthusiasm for this type of diverse career. Following a surgical procedure to get rid of an epidermis lesion, I obtained 2 days of expertise in skin care after which through my school spent per week shadowing catheterisations and angioplasties, in Craigavon Hospital. A period of time within the I.C.U and then inside a&E, motivated me to go to Medlink after which Medsim at Nottingham College where I acquired an immediate existence support response certificate and learning emergency medicine for respiratory system and cardiac event. Time allocated to positions helped me conscious of the stresses and demands of the medical career, yet only offered to whet my appetite for additional and that i now work part-time like a ward assistant in Lurgan hospital. My finest feeling of fulfilment originates from hearing and empathising using the patients. To witness the struggles suffered, the astounding recovery of some towards the sad decline of others, is really a privilege. I'm soon being an auxiliary nurse to possess more ??one-on-one?? contact and also to gain greater experience with patient care.

Effective personal time management is my forte. I like challenges, and also have handled to juggle the competing demands of social, sport, leisure and charitable organisation interests while keeping my academic focus. Fundraiser for non profit organizations and 200 several hours of voluntary use Oxfam have enhanced my social abilities. Recommended in my use Concern, I've since centered on my school??s pursuit to build an orphanage in Mukuru, Kenya, where I really hope to use 2008. I've lately abseiled for CLIC Sergeant and labored with disabled children via a Special Friend??s Plan so that as part of a Quiz Team to boost funds. Like a senior prefect I additionally assisted generate a coaching plan with Childline. I like waterskiing and stand out in music and also the arts. Part of many choirs, I additionally take part in the piano to grade 8 standard and also the French Horn using the SUYO. My speaking in public abilities happen to be perfected through my act as a minister from the Liturgy for St. Peter??s Parish and that i seemed to be an enthusiastic competitor in the Model Not general Set up 2007. I sign up for New Researcher and Student BMJ as well as want to write poetry, for which i've won copious honours coupled with my poems released in three anthologies. I've proven my creativeness by winning a QUB art competition, by which I assisted design the inside from the Translink 2006 trains. My ideas were recommended in the Seagate Youthful Leaders Convention, a celebration that we aspire to attend again in June with the Nuffield Foundation. The second gave me a bursary to accomplish a task in work Health at HSENI for which i've been granted a BA Gold Crest Award for Research in Science.

My need to pursue work in medicine only has intensified consequently of my experience and voluntary sector obligations. The opportunity to study prescription medication is my lengthy valued ambition. In my opinion I've the abilities and characteristics necessary to achieve this sort of profession, and that i welcome the educational rigour and chance to sign up fully in most facets of college existence.

Colleges Put on:

Cambridge College ?C AAAE (Firm) ?C recognized

Queens College Belfast ?C AAAa (Insurance)

Southampton College ?C Rejection

Nottingham college ?C Withdrew

Full??s College (Biomedical Sciences) ?C BCC

Grades Accomplished:

GCSE: 6A*??s & 3A??s

AS Levels : 4A??s (maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography)

UKCAT: 638

BMAT: 6,6.2,7.5


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