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Mathematics 6

??Women aren??t suited to such hard subjects, ?? my pal Seung-woo explained having a smug smile. Seung-woo didn??t believe that mathematics would be a area for ladies. Although he was how old irrrve become and wasn??t tied lower by most traditional values, he thought that only males might be true specialised mathematicians. Most people during my country, Columbia, believe the gender stereotype that ladies are naturally inferior to males in mathematics. I strongly disagree with this particular outdated notion

Women are simply as able to outstanding mathematical achievement as males, and i'm going to help disprove gender stereotypes through my example

Mathematics has always given us a deep feeling of satisfaction. Even just in elementary school, I had been drawn to the truth and logic natural in mathematical formulas. I devoured just as much mathematical information when i could, collecting theorems of specialised mathematicians for example Gauss and Euclid like other students collected stamps. I'd the chance to check my abilities and understanding in senior high school, after i taken part in a number of national math competitions, such as the Korea Mathematical Olympiad. My strong showing during these venues, together with my top math grades and excellent math score around the Korean Sitting, bolstered my confidence during my capabilities. I had been proud to convince others which i was able to carrying out in the greatest levels

Despite my strong interest and achievement in mathematics, it's been difficult that i can realize my potential because of the Korean educational system, which stresses cramming for tests rather than critical understanding. More considerably, Korean social biases against women within the fields of science and math have frustrated me from going after my passion for mathematics. Thus, I wish to study within the U . s . States, where I'll be able follow my dream without these constraints. For around annually, I've taken British language courses in a college in Washington, D.C., where I've acquired a peek at American academic existence from inside. I'm very astounded by American students?? devotion for their studies and also the system??s capability to support each student??s goals. I'm therefore especially thinking about attending Boston College, which, additionally to offering outstanding science and math courses, is famous because of its focus on creating students?? full development, or ??cura personalis.?? At Boston College, I'll have the ability to concentrate on transpire to become a great math wizzard

I'm going to succeed, however i realize that I have to overcome many challenges. Sometimes, after i feel frustrated through the obstacles I face like a Korean lady in mathematics, I imagine what my existence is going to be like 10 years from now. Equipped with a Boston Degree, I'll visit my old friend Seung-woo. We'll have corresponded through the years, so he??ll already know of the many mathematics articles released during my title, and he'll be comfortable with the worldwide acclaim they received. I'll savor your day when Seung-woo confesses which i was correct in thinking which i could succeed like a math wizzard. I'll be proud to understand that partially because of my accomplishments, the doorway to elevated possibilities for ladies in science and math has thrown open a bit wider.


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