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Mathematics 15

I've found a continuing supply of pleasure in conceptualising unfamiliar ideas in addition to thinking realistically and analytically to reach satisfying and frequently beautiful proofs. I'm intrigued through the ubiquity of maths and exactly how it supports everything around us. I experienced binary maths at age five and also, since then have discovered amounts and logic bewitching.

I've had many possibilities to use my maths abilities through the years. In year 7, I acquired a gold award within the United kingdom Mathematical Challenge which acquired us a put on a number of mathematics master-classes. These classes covered subjects varying from relativity to John Conway??s Perpetual Calendar and demonstrated us a elderly mathematical thought process. Reading through books for example ??Fermat??s Last Theorem?? go to various maths and science lectures also driven and deepened my interest. I regularly attend a maths club in Cardiff College, dealing with problems individually then talking about solutions along with other keen specialised mathematicians. I completed a national engineering plan where we began a task in order to save water. We did extensive research to build up solutions for the organization??s challenge then created a study on our findings and shipped a long presentation to some panel. For that project to achieve success we needed to apply an array of abilities for instance ICT, problem fixing, communication and use of number. I've loved being familiar with how a world works through chemistry and physics training as the many unfamiliar and abstract ideas in maths happen to be fascinating. I enjoy independent study, yet enjoy collaboration. My teaching of scholars for his or her GCSE maths would be a fascinating experience that also assisted me analyse and develop my very own studies and mathematical abilities. During the last six several weeks I've volunteered for more than 100 hrs within an after-school, play-care facility. I additionally operate a book club along with a contemporary dance club inside my school where I've learned how you can prepare appropriate yet challenging work with the scholars then apply my preparation into practice. I sign up for National Geographic and browse the brand new Researcher regularly.

I'm ??filled with existence??, confident and also at ease in new situations. I like the unknown. I'm determined and dedicated to everything I choose to do and like to reach my very own conclusions through discussion and debate. Dance is a love for me like a creative and practical activity. I actually do over 7 hrs per week of ballet and contemporary dance training that has given us a high-level technique and skill base having a growing feeling of artistry. I'm a person in the nation's dance company of Wales?? affiliates?? plan and am studying advanced grades in ballet. I travel broadly, lately going to places for example India, The other agents and Vietnam ?C which have elevated my feeling of independence and check for brand new encounters. I represent my County in mix-country races, that provides me both mental and physical challenges that we face with eager enthusiasm.

The elevated pace of Further Maths has suited me and that i have been successful in attaining 100% in four of my maths and physics modules in year 12. The far-reaching usefulness and connections between different fields in mathematics provides me with a thirst for understanding across an extensive spectrum of pure and applied mathematics. By dealing with and talking about challenging maths problems and stretching my understanding in a number of ways, I've discovered my adoration for maths growing greatly this season. I would like this to carry on during my college existence with the concentration of the maths course and I wish to obtain a depth of understanding in mathematics. I understand this can lead me along fascinating avenues and that i anticipate discovering about new and exciting regions of mathematics when i result in the transition from soccer practice to college.

Colleges Put on:

Oxford ?C Offer AAA

Warwick ?C Offer AAAA or AAA step/AEA

Bristol ?C Offer AAB

UCL ?C Offer AAA

Imperial ?C Offer AAA

Now at Oxford studying Mathematics & Philosophy.

Grades Accomplished:


Mathematics ?C A

Further Mathematics ?C A

Physics ?C A

Chemistry ?C A


Physics ?C Merit

Mathematics ?C Merit

Chemistry ?C Merit


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