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Management 2

My curiosity about studying Business and Management originates from initially talking about with my dad about his encounters and dealing part-time in the organization he runs. It has brought me being more alert to organisational behavior and also to think that excellent communication, innovation, making decisions and enthusiasm are required for effective business management.

Throughout time within the sixth form I've developed my management abilities through a number of projects with set due dates. This needed me to organize and organise my workload effectively, in addition to being in a position to identify and resolve problems.

Studying Business Studies permitted me to understand key features and methods essential to succeed, after which research and question how they are put on real existence conditions. It has brought me to build up abilities of analysis and also the ability to work individually, in addition to a part of an organization. My knowledge of business activities was greatly enhanced via a area visit to Cyprus, where numerous companies, such as the tourism board as well as an aluminium manufacturing facility, were visited. These visits put in perspective and utilized the understanding I'd formerly acquired in training and assisted me to build up personal abilities by listening diligently and asking in-depth questions.

I've developed an academic and mathematical foundation through studying Statistics. This enables me to use abilities of numeracy to situations, through collecting, examining and interpretation data after which making informed choices in areas for example finance, marketing and research. For any business to become effective, Personally i think that it is crucial that Statistics are understood to evaluate performance, to ensure that corrective action could be taken if needed.

Attaining understanding of ICT enabled me to see the significance of technology running a business. It was based on a area visit to EDF Energy??s southern office, where there have been numerous management based activities finding out how companies gain the edge against your competitors.

Through examining several situation studies based on worldwide business, globalisation and global warming, Geography has assisted me to know how companies function inside a global context, formed by social, economical, political and environment factors. Residing in Singapore for 2 years assisted me to know and accept other cultures and religions, which assisted me to understand the significance of ethics in effective global business management.

Academically I've be a strong and motivated person. My dedication to college work has led to recent examination success and being asked to become listed on the ??National Academy For Gifted And Gifted Youth??.

I've been involved in many extra curricular activities including visiting the gym, playing the saxophone, badminton and football. I've also attended college lectures on Business Studies and Geography, and would be a delegate in the ??Model Un General Set up??, where I behaved on your behalf for North Korea and needed to talk about challenging world issues to some large audience. This needed diplomatic abilities and confidence, in needing to express a lot of questionable opinions. These activities have led to working together abilities and leadership characteristics, enabling me to cooperate and communicate well with other people.

Through my experience in a number of part-time employment with Woolworths, Dynalite and Tesco, I've been in a position to understand diverse business cultures and also to develop understanding in a variety of departments, for example sales and customer support, administration and logistics, computer assisted design and human assets.

This degree will equip me well in my career running a business, and from my experience and ambition, I'm certain that I've the needed self motivation, ability and resolve for succeed.

Colleges put on:

Southampton (Management Sciences) ?C Offer AAB & now their studies at Southampton.

Warwick (Management) ?C Offer AAB B at AS level

Reading through (Management & Administrative Studies) ?C Offer ABB

Surrey (Business Management) ?C Offer ABB

Portsmouth (Business Studies) ?C Offer CCC

Grades accomplished:

Business Studies (A)

Statistics (A)

Geography (A)

ICT AS level (A)


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