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Business and Management Personal Statement

There's an immediate development in global organisational concepts, crystallised in Japanese business philosophy, to become competitive with possible in the best way. New technology including networking information and automation influences the behavior of economic and allows significant transformation. This have to increase efficiency and effectiveness in this competitive age is progressively essential to the prosperity of a company. For this reason it's an exciting and engaging period both in the commercial and economic world to review Business Management.

Adaptability, creativity and the use of technology are actually intrinsic to controlling companies. I've developed these concepts and loved the spectrum of sixth form study which has trained me to approach problems from different political, economical and mental perspectives. Throughout Business Studies, to enhance what's been trained I've investigated real-existence business solutions and just how they've been implemented, like the responsive marketing utilized by Coca Cola to extend their business cycle and sustain major profitability. Studying ICT has allowed me to look at the criticality of technology in giving companies an aggressive edge by thinking about issues for example organisational objectives, people and legal implications instead of making choices based exclusively on financial factors. In addition, studying Psychology provides me with understanding of a persons influences on organisational behavior through studying inspirational ideas like the hierarchy of needs model suggested by Maslow, although the training is promoting my abilities in collecting and examining data to be able to establish trends and draw conclusions. Studying British Language has permitted me to build up the capability to convey my ideas clearly and briefly.

I've labored for * like a Tester, aiding in the introduction of *, the quickest-selling PC game ever. It had been a substantial chance to learn making me evaluate myself and understand my talents and abilities, like the capability to easily identify discrepancies and communicate these effectively to management to ensure that problems could be solved. Recent experience at * Ltd offered me a taste of working inside a bigger organisation. Operating within two different, but equally effective organisations has allowed me to determine contrasting leadership styles and company culture. Within college, I took part in a paired reading through project where I took in to and evaluated visitors lower lower the college which needed a relaxed, patient and friendly approach using the more youthful students, in addition to punctuality and dedication. Through the past year, I've symbolized the school in district basketball and rugby competitions.

I'm a committed person in they team inside my local rugby side. I've captained they in the past seasons which needed leadership, confidence and diligence. During my free time, I like hearing a variety of music, visiting the gym and socialising. I'm a regular readers from the Financial Occasions, enjoy maintaining with current matters and business news. I like reading through a number of books, both fiction and non-fiction for example ??Which Makes It Happen?? (J. Harvey-Johnson) where his good sense approach complements the management ideas more staid texts. This degree will equip me in my career within the unpredictable and fast paced realm of commerce.

College Options

College of East Anglia

The College of Durham

Loughborough College

The College of Nottingham

College of Southampton

The College of Warwick


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