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Modern Languages 2

The depth of history and culture in Europe is huge. I will always be intrigued by language. When i first acquired my taste for languages like a small child, being raised bilingually, and investing my summer season in Sweden. I later continued to review French and German at school. Used to do well both in, winning the German prize in year 11 as well as in year 12 the German and French awards for attainment.

I wish to continue my studies in a minumum of one of those languages, when i think that even An amount research is basically the end from the iceberg. I must develop my understanding of other cultures, and that i feel the easiest way do that is as simple as studying a brand new language ab initio. Another northern European language strikes me because the most fascinating answer.

In 2004 I required part inside a German school exchange in Bad Windsheim. In This summer 2006 I came back there individually for any further week after i did experience in a pharmacy with a vet. Investing amount of time in Germany offered me a valuable chance to discover much more about both Germany and it is people, and also to improve my German.

I've loved travelling individually recently, going through the United kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany and Denmark. I usually would rather travel by rail, because it offers an ideal opportunity to see the landscape and observe cultural variations.

I just read a multitude of genres, from crime to fantasy and that i particularly like reading through converted works and evaluating the way in which authors portray their very own cultures (for instance Dario Fo and Henning Mankell). My role like a student librarian for 4 years at xxxx High and my part-time job in a local top rated bookshop both involved me in lots of literary occasions. I attended Poetry Reside in 2005, and also the Gothenburg Book Fair Bok och Bibliotek in 2005 and 2006. In the 2005 fair I questioned the writer Philip Pullman, and then had articles released online. I like watching films in Swedish, Danish, German and French. In addition to likely to British and foreign cinemas I've organised a college theatre visit to London.

I continue-to-date with current matters by reading through foreign newspapers and watching foreign news on the web. I had been associated with Comenius Youth News for 3 many in a gathering of reps I could talk to both Spanish people and Norwegians. Throughout the project I authored numerous articles and was active in the running of their website.

Through the years I've been active in the Nordic community in the Scandinavian Chapel in Liverpool, helping at fundraiser occasions, together with Swedes, Norwegians, Finns and Danes.

This past year I behaved like a lawyer within the Bar Mock Trial competition. Getting won our regional warmth we finished second within the national finals in the Old Bailey. I flourished underneath the pressure of the role and acquired an invaluable understanding of a place I understood little about, although also taking pleasure in myself.

I've performed rugby (reaching a national quarter final), tennis, the piano and also the saxophone, and am thus conscious that only practice results in success.

Studying languages at college will give you me having a thought invoking which stimulates experience. It'll produce existence-lengthy transferable abilities and an advanced of fluency in 2 languages. It'll extend and develop my enthusiasm for languages. I'm believing that modern languages may be the option for me.

Colleges Put on:

College of Edinburgh (German and Swedish) ?C Offer BBB (Firm choice, met with grades of AAAB)

College of Cambridge (German and Russian) ?C Declined after being put.

College of Manchester (German and Russian) ?C Offer BBC

College of Sussex (German and Italian) ?C Offer ABB

UCL (German and Icelandic) ?C Offer AAB

Aston College (German, French and The spanish language) ?C Offer BBC


GCSE: A*x9, Ax2.

AS: aabb

A2 predicted grades: AAAA


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