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Law 19

I'm a person interested in challenges. Law will give you me using the type of constant challenge I've always craved, while helping me to enhance my analytical, practical & communication abilities. Also my concern and fascination with society and it is people inspired me to pursue this subject in my greater education, when i believe Law plays an important role within the altering character of society

My upbringing has honed my thought of society and individuals leading me to become really conscious of social injustice, inequality, exploitation, discrimination, and religious fundamentalism, particularly in a society like the one I originate from ?C Bangladesh. I have a very desire, to struggle if required through my existence in creating a society which is free of exploitation and inequality. As a result, I've selected to review Law, for In my opinion the correct implementation of Law may be the only potent weapon to obliterate injustice. In my opinion through the history around the globe, working classes happen to be fooled through the upper class bourgeoisie and also the elites ?C my ultimate goal in existence is defined the privileges from the socially deprived classes. I usually have wondered why Law is not accustomed to enhance the voice from the working class, and why it's been accustomed to safeguard the interests of people that are taking advantage of. I seek a brand new meaning of human privileges ?C the real definition, without exploitation and corruption colouring the idea

My finest question is the reason why society and also the legislation, don't explain economic exploitation being an abuse of human privileges for this may be the cause of poverty, which brings about crime. If the development of Law would be to curb injustice, why has it not been accustomed to eradicate this injustice? Taking law like a subject for greater education will hopefully assist me to find solutions to my questions, and can train me the correct approach to implementation

I'm somebody that is passionate to judge problems. I'm not an extremist but I don't hesitate to turn to radical measures when the situation forces it. In my opinion, inside a society, co-operation is much more preferred than competition competition doesn??t always bring rapid wealth. I stick to a socialistic political ideology, and goal to devote myself in creating true socialism. I'm from the country, that has been susceptible to military dictatorship for more than two decades after her independence. My political awareness increased throughout time, when my dad was jailed through the military simply because he would be a leader of the political party who opposed military regime. Police and military collectively went a brutal campaign through the country to repress political figures, where they jailed and often wiped out 1000's of scholars, political figures, professionals, employees, as well as soldiers. These occurrences seriously affected my loved ones, making my childhood a turbulent time. Following the military regime unsuccessful, a western style democratic political structure was setup, which gave nothing, yet elevated the discontent from the public, and produced some elites, who virtually control the nation. Wealth and energy both of them are centralized for them, law is really a puppet within their hands, plus they control everything, from economy to politics. Huge numbers of people live underneath the poverty level, and there's nobody, not just one strong and resilient political party to represent them. Extreme type of capitalism has had over our country??s social and human values, and morality reaches the edge of extinction. Corruption is everywhere, human privileges abuses are countless, political repression is vital, cash is energy and energy is everything. This indisciplined violent condition of my country produced a edgy character inside me that's why I've set my ambition to restructure the socio-political structure of my country inside a radical way. I must make use of the understanding I acquire from my existence at college and beyond to explain and show me the right way of implementation of my ideas

I've demonstrated myself being an efficient and responsible student through primary and school, I've been able to keep and improve my grades, that are consistently good. Presently I'm undertaking A?? levels ever, Government & Politics, and Bengali. Becoming an ambitious and inquisitive person, despite finishing a basis Programme by having an overall A grade, I've selected to complete three A?? levels in a single year to review within the top British colleges. History has always intrigued me though this is actually the very first time I'm studying this subject at length. In Government & Politics, I'm researching the methods of law making and also the system of politics and government in various nations. Languages will always be of great interest in my experience, and my preferred loyalty would be to my native language ?C Bengali.

I've spent time proficiently on extra curricular activities. I've acutely played in discussing, student politics and acting in television dramas. I headed my school??s discussing society for just one year and individually accomplished many awards in speech competitions at local and national levels. My hobbies include reading through, playing cricket and ping pong, web surfing, etc.

The main reason behind my need to attend United kingdom is the standard training here especially during my selected subject, Law. I additionally find exciting the possibilities of joining a college hee with worldwide flavours and exceptional research facilities. In my opinion College is a spot for accumulating more interests, for meeting people, for spending so much time, for locating a distinct segment in existence. Personally i think I've the commitment and confidence of giving my favorite throughout my college career and later on.


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