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Creative Writing and Media Studies 1

My curiosity about Media and Music journalism originates from my passion in creating, editing and posting music articles ?C I like writing music reviews, posting them on my small web page and receiving feedback from my visitors.I regularly read an website concerning the Slovak media world analysis of television, radio and also the Internet. Furthermore, worldwide blogs offer me the most recent details about music, media, technology, fashion, design and advertising. Writing grew to become an interest of mine as my selection of reading through elevated. The best author is Slovak Michal Hvorecky, whose books cope with the existence of youthful people, their destructive addictions and influence of ads in it. Because of the web which book, I've become very thinking about internet marketing and viral marketing.

In December 2006, I started to create my very own music blog, indicating my opinions concerning the music I pay attention to. In the beginning, I wasn't pleased with design for my claims however it enhanced with every new article. In addition, a couple of several weeks ago I authored an e-mail to a different music webzine and also, since October I've been a contributor, regularly writing reviews on recently launched albums, and being compensated using the promo records as payment.

I've many interests, which led towards the person I'm today. My greatest passion is music, hearing it several hrs every single day. Furthermore, each time I'm abroad I spend my cash on British music magazines (you will find no music magazines in Slovakia) for example NME, Q and Mojo. I'm enthusiastic about the contemporary literature, where not just storytelling but additionally inner realm of the figures plays an essential role. For example, I'm able to mention Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Reading through such literature helped me a far more open-minded person as well as had an effect on my small vocabulary. It even inspired me to try and write some short tales. Because of other hobbies for example photography, theatre and watching films I grew to become a far more sensitive and inventive person.

I additionally like sports, two particularly. First of all, I'm interested in skiing. The sensation of speed that only I'm able to control is brilliant next, my loved ones and that i relish walking within the forests and reaching the tops from the hillsides. I skate and play football with my buddies in summer time. Doing sport is, for me personally, a social activity where I learn how to co-operate with other people although having the ability to focus on a particular goal. In school, in addition to working individually on projects and homework, I'm likely to operate in groups along with other students. Because of this I can work co-operatively, lead a team, try to meet due dates and under stress, and become both independent and responsible. Additionally, this past year I won an essay competition about using money in the EU funds for Slovakia. I won an outing to Strasbourg to European Parliament and was granted some dollars. Since October I've been the person in the literary society, which assisted me improve my dental expression. During the last couple of years, I attended students exchange having a school in Germany two times. Investing 10 days inside a foreign atmosphere was a great chance to enhance language and also to be aware of lifestyle of German youngsters, and that i are now able to speak German fluently.

The topics I presently study are carefully associated with writing, languages and also the media world. I learn British and German, Slovak language and literature, geography, mathematics, PE and civics. In civics we find out about financial aspects, psychology, philosophy, sociology and law. My encounters and also the subjects I study helped me a appropriate candidate for college.

I believe their studies at an english college is the best chance that i can study. Every new situation is really a challenge for me personally but I'm able to bring much towards the courses . Outstanding facilities and great student support convinced me and that i try my favorite to attain. My dream would be to act as a music journalist around new media, and also to study Media and Music journalism is going to be an essential key to let me accomplish this.

Colleges put on:

College of Bradford (Media Studies)

College College for that Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone, Rochester (Music & Lifestyle Journalism)

The College of Liverpool (Communication, Media and Popular Music)

London Metropolitan College (Media Studies and Music & Media Management)

Staffordshire College (Music Journalism and Broadcasting)


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