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History and Politics 2

Throughout time within the Sixth Form, I completely loved study regarding Politics, Financial aspects and History, however i found my Politics course to become especially rewarding and would relish the chance to carry on it at college

From a transatlantic background, I had been particularly thinking about the component of the course in regards to the comparative study from the British and American systems of government. I discovered it fascinating to analyse the 2 states from the historic perspective, to look at their different roots and also to assess how individuals roots have affected the character of the political structures today. Other subjects that interested me incorporated the introduction of American racial tensions, and also the relative effectiveness of yankee and British elections. I like reading through broadly on political subjects, and accompanied my A-Level studies with extra-curricular texts for example Dye and Zeigler??s The Irony of Democracy and Hamilton??s The Federalist Papers, each of which achieved positive results me with a few completely different understanding from the concepts which the U . s . States was founded. I are proud of going for a tenacious, independent method of my studies and hope this assists me well throughout time at college

Since I Have completed my A-Levels in June, I've developed a pursuit becoming the U . s . States around the global stage, especially its relationship with Europe. I've went after this by reading through such articles as Robert Kagan??s Energy and Weakness, Samuel Huntington??s The Clash of Civilisations, and Francis Fukuyama??s The Finish of History. I discovered Fukuyama??s thought of liberalism because the pinnacle of human political development to become especially interesting poor current debates over globalisation and free trade. To be able to gain further understanding of the roots of the liberalism, I just read and required notes on Thomas Paine??s The Privileges of Guy, and am presently going after my curiosity about political philosophy with Bryan McGee??s The Storyline of Philosophy. I usually attempt to take an analytical approach when thinking about new perspectives, and then try to rely on them to enhance instead of replace opinions which i have formerly held

From my studies, I performed an energetic role within the student government being an chosen person in the Sixth Form Committee as well as the college Council. I developed my writing abilities and working together through my contribution towards the school magazine, and my forces of advocacy as part of the Discussing Society. During my free time, I like swimming, photography, astronomy, and mtb racing I really hope to carry on these activities at college

After finishing my degree, I really hope to pursue work in solicitors, journalism, or even the Foreign Office: with this thought, I required part in experience in October 2001 for Ashurst Morris Crisp, an worldwide lawyer within the City, and will also be involved in a 3 month internship in a national foreign policy and security matters research organisation in Washington, D.C early in the year of 2003

After this, I intend to spend the Summer time in the Ifalpes French school in Annecy. I know that studying for any degree in Politics, or Politics and History, is needed me to build up the analytical abilities needed to fulfil my career aspirations, but ultimately my motivation for staring at the subject runs much much deeper than this. Study regarding Politics in a-Level has, for me personally, elevated more questions of computer has clarified by ongoing the topic at college, I'd aspire to answer a few of these questions, but additionally to boost a lot more.


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