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History 9

Background and its affect on modern society have always held a unique fascination for me personally. Seeing the occasions nowadays shown in individuals of history intrigues me. Study regarding history is just one of my major passions in existence. I'm wanting to broaden my understanding base and have the ability to formulate my opinions on the wider selection of subjects, inside a more developed way than I've been able at GCSE along with a-level. Study regarding history to an advanced is one thing which i have lengthy aspired to, along with a challenge I really hope to attempt. One sector that particularly interests me is Medieval and pre-industrial European history, including Napoleonic France. The go up and down of numerous empires, and also the struggles for energy that happened throughout this time around allow it to be particularly fascinating in my experience. The chance to review different factors of the period is among the explanations why History attracts me.

Presently I'm going for a-levels in Biology, French and History. I additionally required AS-level Chemistry. I've always loved my arts subjects substantially a lot more than sciences, mainly as, in a-level, specifically in History, there's a significantly wider scope for original thought and writing compared to the sciences. I particularly benefit from the creativeness ever. After I chose my A-levels I had been unsure things i desired to pursue in later existence, therefore i chose an array of subjects, and in the end, I realized which i was very likely to history than my other subjects.

In school, I've played within the Duke of Edinburgh award plan, attaining both bronze and silver honours, and that i shall complete my gold award this academic year. The plan has permitted me to enhance my working together, learn new abilities, making a contribution towards the neighborhood, by carrying out volunteer work on a nearby fair-trade coffee shop and shop, in addition to training children at football and hockey. I'm a person in my school??s discussing society, and also have a speaking in public award. My encounters of speaking have trained me to articulate myself clearly and with confidence, in addition to being in a position to comprehend the necessities of the good debate. I've two times sitting on representative school local authorities and also have loved down to these roles, attaining an awareness of effecting change. Lately I've analyzed regions of particular personal interest, such as the drug issues that have faced Columbia and also the Holocaust Personally i think that my self-directed learning has directly achieved positive results as a result.

I take part in many activities outdoors school, and also have developed both socially and intellectually consequently. I've symbolized **** ** ********, at both hockey and ping pong. I like many sports, and i'm a professional scuba diver, in addition to being very efficient at skiing and sailing. I've organised a really effective skiing holiday in my buddies and me, and that i hold my RYA Day Skipper award, in addition to various dinghy sailing qualifications. Visits to Russia, the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, historic A holiday in greece, Dubrovnik and also the WW1 battleground sites in France and Belgium have permitted me to see sites of latest and ancient history, and also have further inspired me to review this subject.

I fully intend to become a highly committed student I've got a tremendous need to learn and test myself against others within an intellectual atmosphere that's unavailable in school. I'm very careful, and also have the academic ability to achieve my studies in the greatest levels. I'm particularly thinking about studying regions of History, historic texts and sources which i haven't yet had the opportunity to. I really hope to lead much to college existence, in sporting and social arenas in addition to academically.

Colleges Put on:

You are able to ?C AAB

Exeter ?C AAB

St Andrews ?C AAB

Warwick ?C AAB

Edinburgh ?C Declined

Durham ?C Declined


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