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Geology 1

I've made the decision to transfer for several small reasons, the primary one being which i miss the amenities and society that accompany residing in a town. I miss buses and regular trains, quick access to shops along with a pool, I even miss McDonalds.

I've completely loved the facets of geology I've analyzed to date, the fieldtrips (effort but helpful). I'm especially wondering much more about palaeontology as well as geophysics (I've got a fondness for sums that won't disappear!).

I don't feel like this this past year continues to be wasted, I've made many good buddies and learnt a great deal, as well as finding that computer systems aren??t boxes that beep nastily.

If not searching intently at rocks I like using computer systems and also have been surprised about the thiving society that's the web. Through i make buddies with, and met, people from a variety of places and skills whose friendship and humour I'll still enjoy . I've aided in website designs and created a variety of projects using word, stand out, access, pagemaker, coreldraw, ms powerpoint and netscape. I like this both being an finishes to some means so that as a purely creative outlet. I additionally love swimming, a task I??ve sorely skipped this season. I'm still presently Liverpool and District Ladies Lifesaving Champion (third year running).

In addition to these activities I've developed an dependence on amusement parks and frightening rides (including Oblivion at Alton Towers, an achievement I'm very happy with as someone not particularly keen on falling), and i'm investing my existence savings on a holiday to Orlando in June with an amazing holiday.

Well there's much more I possibly could write here (especially concerning the voluntary work I actually do inside my cinema) however i have exhaust space.

Aspire to help you soon.

Colleges Put on:

Southampton (offer received)


General Comments:

yeah I understand that which was I speaking about

I cut this bit from my final draft ?C I figured it helped me seem like a saddo

It??s a little pants really ?C I??d recently been made a deal therefore the entire UCAS form only agreed to be fulfilling the documents needs. Considering that, cheap I??d were built with a couple of lengthy chats using the admissions tutor over the telephone I figured I'd opt for something just a little ??different??


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