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English Linguistics 1

The English language is an invigorating adventure. It has the power to make you believe in even the most incomprehensible things. It has the power to beguile the minds of those who read and listen to it, and by its nature, it is something that we as humans can all relate to. My decision to study English further at university, is based on my desire to further my understanding on a subject I find so enthralling and exciting, and through this, I hope to understand the language that I speak and know of from a critical and analytical point of view. I am currently studying English combined, performance and media. All three I feel compliment each other in a way that allow me to explore my passion for not only English language, but with expressing myself and acting, which I am involved with in and outside of college. Media gives me the opportunity to analysis a wide range of different texts, whilst focusing on particular language features and what impact they can have on our society, and how the right language used can be a powerful tool of manipulation.

From studying English combined at A-level, I have had the chance to explore authors such as Jane Austen, Henrik Ibsen, and Angela Carter. Reading Henrik Ibsen


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