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English 11

After consideration and consultation between my parents, tutor and instructors, I've selected to try to get a diploma course in British, because it is a topic for which i've a genuine passion, and could be helpful for any future career in media industry. I'm presently studying A-Level British Language, and also the course has allowed me to build up understanding of interesting issues relevant towards the British language. For instance, an intriguing subject I analyzed, involved the research how both genders uses language, resulting in interesting subjects of debate. I additionally checked out language used inside the media industry, permitting me to build up a look into newspaper types of writing. I've also extended my linguistic abilities, and can execute in-depth textual analyses. British is really a subject I've got a real enthusiasm for and it is a topic I??d prefer to continue studying

Alongside British, I'm presently studying A-Levels on television Studies and ICT, each of which I like hugely. Media Studies has allowed me to possess some experience with the job and issues active in the media and it is another subject I've got a real curiosity about. The course has provided us a helpful understanding of the way the media works and also the production techniques and values adding to the development of media texts

There has been many projects which have been enjoyable. For instance, I created my very own mock supplement for any Sunday newspaper, including celebrity pages and film reviews, using my linguistic and writing abilities to my advantage. I additionally labored inside a team to make a short documentary on junk food consumption within the United kingdom. In my opinion both projects were effective, achieving quality finish items

In ICT, I've investigated various multimedia packages and issues all around the computing industry, telling me around the role of communications in society. A popular project of mine was creating an application package on Microsoft Stand out. I made the decision to produce a fantasy football competition for any school, supplying an extensive system for that students. I had been happy with the finish result and received the greatest mark around

In my opinion I've accomplished a great deal throughout my education and also have loved the topics I've analyzed. With my determination and readiness to achieve success, In my opinion I'm responsible enough to handle transition to college existence. I had been selected to represent the Media Studies department during my college??s prospectus, to share with future students concerning the course. I additionally symbolized my school inside a Mathematics Masterclass and seemed to be selected to become a political party leader inside a mock school general election, which involved speech writing and planning manifestos included in the campaign

Outdoors of my academic studies, I like taking part in sports, particularly football, which I'm a keen player and supporter. I additionally enjoy tennis and also have been granted certificates to an advanced at swimming. In my opinion my involvement in sports has permitted me to build up important working together and business abilities. Other hobbies of mine include hearing music and playing chess. I'm also computer literate, and frequently search on the internet, permitting me to build up website design and programming abilities

To conclude, I consider myself to become a devoted and committed student, by having an excellent attendance record and i'm excited at the possibilities of studying British at degree level and searching toward engaging in college existence.


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