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Engineering 3

I will always be interested in the manner things work. I'm always going to succeed and that i believe that this degree will take full advantage of my abilities. In my opinion that being a member of an engineering team can be really rewarding. I've always loved doing things using my hands and making things, recently been creating a rc plane which travelled well before the engine delayed and that i crashed it on the landing

In my experience I visited Messier Dowty, a business specialising in aircraft landing gear. I had been put into the look atmosphere for 3 days and also the done modifying sketches of parts, this provided a look in to the way engineers work and the kinds of work the task involves. For that relaxation time I spent there is in set up, building Eurofighter front nose gear, I discovered this really is was quite interesting and that i learnt how precision engineering was completed within the industrial atmosphere

I've an optimistic attitude towards schoolwork and goal to complete the very best of my ability. My GCSE outcome was strong however i have since enhanced my application to my subjects and also have accomplished superb AS levels. It has meant I've been able to keep all of my subjects to A2

It seemed like annually of free periods would be a total waste of time

I'm studying physics in a-level. I've found this quite interesting as has assisted me gain an awareness around the globe and just how it really works, furthermore it's also given me an affection of methods engineers work. I've learnt the way the laws and regulations of physics does apply to real existence and exercise problems, it has given us a much larger understanding around the globe and managed to get possible that i can comprehend the many processes affecting it

I've been studying product design at An amount and received full marks within the exam. I've got a wide understanding of methods items are created and also the design restrictions involved with manufacture. This can produce an awareness from the restrictions in manufacture that the engineer should be aware when creating an answer. I additionally study business this provides us a knowledge of how business are run and also the chalenges they face and method to I'm a good team worker. In year 12 I required part in youthful enterprise, a plan that provides sixth from student an opportunity to generate a business and run it themselves using the goal of improving team working abilities and creating a profit. I had been the procedures director responsible for making in our items and disbursing them. We continued to become a effective company making over GBP2500, throughout i learnt how to approach providers and just how to barter on prices

I've got a job being employed as a cleaner in school, this require me to organise time in order to complete my training inside the time limitations. I will always be punctual in coming to my job and also have now been employed by more than a year with no break, this shows commitment that i'm reliable

I like playing sport, I've performed in my school in many teams I've performed for that tennis team and also have won my games, I've also performed in my East Glos my local club and also have managed to get towards the semi-final


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