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Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1

Getting completely loved An amount Mathematics and Physics, I must further my studies having a degree course that mixes these subjects. My Further Mathematics at An amount course has assisted me get the confidence to tackle more chalalaging questions analytically. Although An amount Chemistry and Computing have increases my fundamental understanding in related subjects and can certainly assist me later on studies

I'm presently thinking about Electrical and Electronic Engineering which i've went after through my experience working in london. Throughout the summer time Used to do experience using the Cellular Investment Company. The organization is among the most effective firms employed in the area of mobile communications in Africa, Far-East and South Usa. It was an invaluable experience for that course at College

Both my parent are science/engineering professionals plus they trained me a few of the characteristics required for a diploma course within the area of electrical and electronic engineering. It has urged me to discover the possibilities available

Outdoors college, I'm a very keen math wizzard and also have been granted 2 gold along with a silver honours within the last three consecutive United kingdom National Maths Challenge, that is a yearly event organised through the Leeds College

I've been a Millennium Volunteer during the last 8 several weeks and i'm presently volunteering at Rathbone, in the ******* Center in ******. I send 2-4 hrs every Tuesday and Wednesday helping people throughout Leeds to attain a variety of computing experience from GNVQ??s to New Deal Diploma??s

I've also just finished my second term like a tutor with Leeds U . s . Soccer Club. It's my job to spend two hrs per week at Elland Road, helping Key Stage 3 pupils develop their fundamental abilities in literacy, numeracy also it.


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