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Childhood Studies Personal Statement

I've selected to try to get a diploma course when controling children and youthful people when i enjoy learning and stretching my understanding of kids as well as their development.

I've completely loved my act as a professional nursery nurse, working five years with Sure Start, and being heavily involved inside a multi disciplinary team, and taking pleasure in the satisfaction accomplished through working together member and helping and sign posting disadvantages children as well as their families towards the relevant professionals.

Throughout time with Sure Start I began self improvement training once the possibilities grew to become available for example first-aid, child protection along with a study trip to Hope College on supporting children who experience loss, grief and alter.

Yesteryear year . 5 continues to be spent at breckfield neighbourhood council inside a community building and again dealing with disadvantaged children as well as their families through the Liverpool 5 area.

The work could be enormously rewarding and that i now feel I must take this one stage further, attaining a diploma will let me gain employment in the greatest level during my selected area, and provide me a more sensible choice which route I decide to take the area of dealing with children and youthful people.


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