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Economics and Management 1

Business has always held a fascination for me personally. It was a direct result being raised with the corporate world both at home and a need to comprehend the language around me. After I began my sixth form career I grabbed upon the chance to formally study financial aspects as part of my Worldwide Baccalaureate.

Once we moved to the theory from the firm modules in financial aspects I realized it had become the applied side from the subject I wanted to pursue. This brought me to appear elsewhere for understanding. I'm a regular listener from the Economist podcast and browse the economical Review magazine using every chance to maintain financial aspects and business news. Personally i think the firm foothold within the theoretical analysis and methods of economic inside your course, combined with practical grounding causes it to be perfect course in my ambition to pursue work in management.

The important thing factors in selecting the IB path were that I wasn't ready for that linear, focused approach required with a-levels and was unfazed through the extra workload required. I've loved success during my course options achieving high grades and completely taking pleasure in every subject. The holistic approach fits my character and it has permitted me to verify where my true passion lies, running a business.

Although the theoretical side of my studies continues to be largely located in the class, I like working experience. Within the summer time before my sixth form I labored to have an worldwide satellite phone business and thru these links I had been asked to dedicate yourself a business in Madrid this summer time. These encounters have given us a real insight not just into business within the United kingdom, but on the much bigger scale. For that extended essay a part of my IB I selected to review the economical condition from the waste tyre and rubber recycling industry. Included in this research I spent a while this summer time having a leading company within this industry. This provided amazing an chance not just to observe how practical clients are carried out but additionally to mirror and analyse it against economic ideas.

I've always aspired to become a leader. Within the last 2 yrs I've captained both first XV rugby and first XI cricket teams. I've been captain from the school choir within the last 3 years, the youngest within the good reputation for the college. My passion for musical theatre has brought in my experience taking numerous principle parts in shows in school with semi-professional theatre groups. This season I recognized the roles of House minimizing School Prefect that has needed me to defend myself against responsibility and organisation tasks. However, to be able to be considered a valuable leader as well as an effective manager In my opinion that you need to be prepared and understand how to be brought yourself. This past year I symbolized Salisbury RFC once we managed to get towards the last eight within the National Cup competition. My performances for club gained us a devote the Wilts and Dorset county squad. Through my encounters, both like a leader along with a pupil, I've learnt that management is really a art work, needing skill alongside tact, without any established definitive solutions or techniques for each situation. It's upon these encounters which i aspire to build and improve to be able to convert my passion right into a career. Certainly one of my most powerful traits is my competitive spirit. I personally don't like losing and can strive to make certain which i succeed frequently giving me the advantage over others. I'm also constantly searching for fresh challenges. In most my sports for instance one factor that evaded me was lengthy distance endurance fitness. This summer time I transformed this by overcoming the 3 peaks challenge, achieving a Silver top rated time. These traits have gained me ten occasions as numerous Creativeness Action Service hrs than needed through the IB and that i be prepared to complete my Duke of Edinburgh gold next summer time.

In my opinion my encounters, in the class as well as in the real life have given us a great platform with this course at college. I've real ambitions for future years, a will to achieve success and i'm certain this can enable me to lead and stand out at the college.

Colleges Put on:

Warwick (Management) ?C 36points

Bristol (Financial aspects and Management) ?C Not successful

Southampton (Financial aspects and Management) ?C 34 points (17HL)

Cardiff (Financial aspects and Management) ?C 33 points

Exeter (Business Financial aspects) ?C 31 points

Grades Accomplished:

Predicted IB Grades??

Financial aspects HL ?C 7

Music HL ?C 6

Physics HL ?C 5

Maths SL ?C 6

British SL ?C 5

The spanish language Ab ?C 5


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