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Economics and International Relations personal statement

Being Bruneian at birth and condition educated for the reason that country to age 16, my recent experience with being educated in England has quickened my curiosity within the varying types of government and economic policy which exist between your two cultures. Although I consider myself broadly travelled, only after submerging myself in British culture have I started to know the essence of democracy and it is talents and foibles when in comparison to some more autocratic type of government. It's thus which i desire to pursue work by which I'm able to possibly influence the economical guidelines of Brunei. The need to be more independent in the oil industry has provided fresh impetus for diversification in Brunei and that i aspire to have the ability to make my mark during my country??s development. This, combined, with my own interests, makes my intention to pursue an undergraduate course in Financial aspects and Worldwide Relations a strong option for me.

Recent experience has intensified my need to take this road: I've spent two days throughout the final two summer season volunteering like a teaching assistant inside my old-fashioned plus an internship in the Brunei Investment Agency, Brunei??s sovereign wealth fund, where I experienced the excitement to be at the time of individuals needing to run a US$30 billion portfolio.

Yet my interests mainly lie within the results of financial aspects on people. I've been involved with volunteer work with non profit organizations in Brunei and was Brunei??s representative within the Worldwide Children??s Conference organised through the UNEP in 2002. Throughout this conference, I and also the other participants needed to develop policy recommendations, the very best suggestions being shipped around the world Summit on Sustainable Rise in Gauteng. Many of the problems that were talked about regarding eco-friendly transport will also be touched upon within the A-level module on Transport Financial aspects, particularly the impact of lower vehicle pollutants on standards of just living.

The topic options which i designed for my AS along with a Levels were instrumental during my decision to pursue a diploma in Financial aspects and Worldwide relations when i believe that each subject hones specific abilities that are crucial for this program. Taking Financial aspects has provided us a platform which I'm able to get further acquainted to economic theory although Mathematics trains me to see problems from different angles in addition to going through the avenues of information analysis. Physics so that as British Literature has sharp my analytical abilities in addition to growing my depth of perception. Consequently, I'm very at ease with my capability to go to the ground running when beginning this program.

My lifestyle is definitely an active one and residing in the United kingdom is really a dream for me personally if this involves involving during my favourite sport: football. My enthusiasm for the overall game has brought me to experience in most the fittings for that school inter house tournament this term in addition to being the vice captain in my house??s second team. I play basketball and squash with buddies. Personally i think that taking part in sports with other people evolves a feeling of camaraderie, working together and respect that is advantageous because these are traits that can help to achieve success with college, however in existence.


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