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Economics and Finance 6

Getting a flair for Financial aspects and accounting I've made the decision which i desire a degree in Accounting and Finance or Management. The numerous brilliant reps from the management community all over the world have increased that resolve

After I labored during my school like a tutor of British like a Second Language for college students from the community school in Muscat, I recognized the significance of a powerful leader who could organize, command respect, and have the ability to fully trust others. These ideas were further enforced by my month lengthy internship at Novartis Pharmaceutical (Accounts and Finance Department and Human Assets Department)

I attended the Harvard Model Congress in Paris and won obtaining Distinction. One skill particularly that led for this award was my confident speaking in public

The final 4 several weeks happen to be crucial during my learning of real life business and financial aspects. In my IB Extended Essay, entitled ??As To The Extent Does Subway in Oman Operate being an Oligopoly??, I set to prove the oligpolistic structure from the junk food market in Oman. Within this effort, I know of many real existence difficulties in prices behavior, profit making along with other facets of the idea from the Firm

While trying to describe these alternate ideas of firms I've created a keen curiosity about examining and focusing on how the field of business works

After an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance or management I intend to look at publish graduate studies and focus on an Master of business administration. A powerful performance inside a BA will let me start an Master of business administration and just then shall I be satisfied

During the last 4 years I've been a part of our schools volleyball team ICE. We've maintained our ISAC (Inter Schools Activities Conference, Middle East) title for 4 years. Playing within the energy players (spiker) position requires immense health and fitness and also to accomplish this I regularly visit the gym to keep fit training. I'm also a part of my school track and area team. To be the quickest runner within the school since eleventh grade the 100m, 200m and 400m races are my niche despite the fact that I still pursue lengthy distance running. During my free time I explore and master the pc like me conversant having a Visual Fundamental Programming course. It's imperative that i can possess the latest software and hardware and that i try to set up everything myself. I additionally learn Urdu because it is my native tongue along with a connect to my culture, to keep that's crucial

Residing in an assorted worldwide community well over 52 ethnicities has permitted in my experience recognize and appreciate different cultures. Using the experience I've and also the strong motivation to craft a vibrant future Personally i think I'm able to justify my decision to pursue work in Accounting and Finance or Management.


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