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Software Engineering 1

I've made the decision to go for Software Engineering as my course for greater education like me deeply interested in computer systems but that in today??s world, computer systems really are a necessary resist have. I'm highly capable in making use of and understanding computer systems and am presently studying VCE course in ICT, that we find deeply interesting. I've got a high intelligent mainly in the software and hardware section of computer systems and due to my part-time work that involves repairing later model automobiles, gradually I've combined them together and today have made the decision to eventually go as my future career. In my opinion that carrying out a Software Engineering course will further my understanding within this area and can produce a benefit after i enter my career. I intend to begin at HND level and progressively progress further. I've selected this method since i plan to learn immediately since i believe to avoid things by half

I'm very industrious, organised and i'm extremely confident. Despite being only 17, I'm well skilled in mechanics and may identify and repair problems much more precisely than individuals who may have had experience for any a long time and operate in bigger firms

My first realisation towards the mixing from the automobile industry and the field of computer systems was throughout my experience, that was completed in a Nissan car dealership. There, utilization of computer related machinery on cars helped me understand my intentions for future years, hence my current studies, and intended greater education

Education aside, I've varied interests including, vehicle restoration, (specialty being BMW??s) also socialising and heading out

My eventual achievement would be to launch my very own firm or work with a sizable firm which will include things i have learnt, I'm very unbiased within this area for the time being, and can eventually arrived at a milestone to satisfy upon beginning my greater education.


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