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Maths and Computing Personal Statement

Study regarding mathematical sciences has intrigued me for several years. The choice to practice a levels both in Maths and Physics turned from the high interest level and powerful aptitude both in subject matter. It was reflected within the AS grades I received in June 2002 achieving a b grade in mathematics that has inspired me further during my quest for the topic.

My interest has spread to computer systems and seeking to link the 2 together has performed a large a part of my existence within the last couple of years. I've trained myself, using books along with other available sources, how you can enter in HTML which has managed to get possible that i can take an energetic role in website design.

My other academic interests include Business Studies, especially management and finance areas which link to parts of the maths course. My option to incorporate a humanities subject at An amount was partially urged by my have to analyse and evaluate situations, Business Studies provides me with the opportunity to do that in great detail and that i think it is therapeutic to get involved with relevant

situation studies. I'm also taking an An amount generally Studies that is growing my understanding of political and cultural issues. The topic also encourages group discussions concerning current matters and generates for me the chance to input my opinions.

During the last couple of years I've been part of a Duke of Edinburgh plan running in your area inside the college. In June 2001 I completed the Bronze Award and am now working towards my Gold. It has given me lots of experience of working together, problem fixing and looking after an advanced of responsibility. These characteristics happen to be adopted right into a effective experience positioning in year 10 and my part-time job like a sales/management assistant at respectable retail store Marks and Spencer.

I've loved time within the Sixth Form and also have taken pleasure from both academic and additional-curricular activities. Personally i think which i hold the characteristics needed to carry on maths onto a greater level and mix it with modules that both interest me now as well as in areas that we aspire to develop although at college. I'm certain that this enthusiasm will mix with my strong determination and motivation, enabling me to achieve the difficulties that college presents.


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