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Computing 4

Work in Computing- it has been my dream since I arrived to significant connection with this latest tool that science has put in guy??s hands. The steady utilization of computer systems inside my home and my ever-growing understanding of their use at work, business, the media, the entertainment industry and also the worldwide communication through satellite and internet, makes me go for work which may involve the common utilization of computer systems

Consequently, I selected as subjects Maths, Business Studies, and Design& Technology for my AS and A2 levels. Maths has trained me the rigorous reasoning involved with logical considering that the computer is the best mechanized model! Business Studies acquaints me using the difficulties of contemporary business and commercial practice by which computer systems are now being most fruitfully employed at the moment. Design & Technologies have greatly enabled me to get the necessary experience in to the creating of technological helps without whose aid modern sophisticated existence could be difficult. It's also given me ample possibilities for turning my practical talents to creative use. The insight and experience acquired during these diverse yet related areas of study, I am certain, are likely to assist me to enormously during my progress with my greater education in Information Technology

I'm a steady cricket fan, very keen in watching matches whenever and wherever performed and consider myself rather a great player. Books and reading through and taking advantage of the pc occupy the majority of my leisure-time in your own home. Like a Senior Prefect of my school I've many possibilities for social interaction, and my knowledge about school discipline has trained me much about existence??s duties

I seriously expect, then, to some promising career within the computer-area and hope my studies at college is going to be productive both in my experience and also to the big community which I'm a part.


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