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Mathematics & Computer Science Personal Statement

When requested why I love Mathematics, I realized that it's all lower to my personality. As being a composed, explicit person, I like the task of questions with unequivocal solutions. My character??s orderly side draws me with excitement towards neat solutions, my creativeness brings about my acceptance of recent ideas and my positive mind leads to my desire to succeed. All queries have definite solutions we simply need to construct methods for reaching them.

Mathematics at AS Level opened up my thoughts to many new regions of algebra, sequences and series, and processes. I acutely welcomed the brand new techniques and loved every aspect from the course. A number of the best areas, however, were trigonometry and calculus it had been fascinating to determine how trigonometric functions get together inside a couple of simple details! Being a new comer to the techniques of differentiation and integration, I spent additional time groing through good examples, which soon grew to become obvious i believe. I anticipate looking into these subjects further within the A2 modules.

Additionally to retaining a powerful curiosity about Mathematics, my fascination for computer systems is continuing to grow. Nonetheless, I had been unclear about whether I needed to pursue some pot honours span of Mathematics with Information Technology, or perhaps a single degree span of Mathematics. My decision to try to get the joint course was confirmed once i attended numerous Information Technology Summer time School courses working in london.

Joining Dubai College has provided me the opportunity to explore new horizons. Duties, such like a prefect and Year 7 liaison, make me understand our importance within the school as sixth formers. I'm presently while finishing my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award, that I effectively finished an 80km expedition with the mountain tops of Mauritius. I'll always remember the emotions of pure enjoyment and adventure it had been a classic challenging experience!

Although A Levels occupy a lot of time, I have the ability to maintain personal fitness by equine riding daily. I routinely enter dressage and show jumping competitions through the U.A.E., where I frequently acquire a medal place. Riding horses leads to a feeling of freedom and enables me socialise from school.

I've also acquired an awareness of what it's prefer to work among a sizable group through employed in various companies around Dubai. These incorporated Barclays Bank, Prolab Digital and Palms Nursery. I particularly achieved positive results from my experience at Barclays, because it got me into many fields, for example buying and selling, accountancy and exchange, and trained me to understand the apparent requirement for working together.

Although I'm still unclear about the road I'll take after graduation, I understand that getting a Mathematics/Computing degree can give me many transferable abilities. I'm presently looking into numerous regions that attract me, including actuarial science and additional postgraduate study. For the time being, I plan to approach the near future positively and also have many exciting ideas. I really hope to come across new possibilities, make new buddies and rise towards the challenge of college!


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