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Computing and Telecoms Personal Statement

Selecting a diploma inside a telecommunications based discipline wasn't a tough decision to create. Because the summer time holiday duration of 1998, after i completed six week of labor experience to have an ** company**, to being employed as a Switch Procedures Specialist for that popular mobile operator, ******, I've been involved, one of the ways or some other in telecommunications. Since departing employment with ******, I've discovered it tough to find work inside the same industry. As it's been stated in my experience that I don't possess a degree, I've made the decision to review towards attaining someone to aid my career development.

What interests me incredibly about going for a degree within this discipline may be the wide range of subject matter and engineering programs it covers, in addition to building around the foundation understanding which i have acquired, both theoretically and practically.

After I have acquired a diploma, I intend on either restarting my career inside a network procedures atmosphere or manufacturer, or transporting onto a postgraduate degree using the goal of specialising further inside a preferred area of interest.

In addition to my interests in computing and telecommunications, I've other hobbies. I'm a keen hill master and often visit North Wales for such hobbies. I'm additionally a keen readers, enjoy keeping up to date with current matters and revel in socialising.

Searching back on my small newest academic career, Personally i think which i wasted an excellent chance. I'm sure that I didn't achieve my potential. Regrettably, my work inside my then employer, my relative immaturity and my inattentiveness all put into a general performance that didn't represent my intellectual ability. Personally i think that within the this past year I've matured and also have a newly discovered attitude towards work and my career progression. I believe that this is actually the proper time during my existence to consider a diploma and feel prepared to undertake this type of demanding work. I'm very looking forward to the possibilities of likely to college and studying for any degree and hope that i'm considered with this great chance.


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