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Whenever a friend requested me: ??So why do you want information technology??? I discovered myself not able to provide a solution. However, from that moment on, I attempted to know why is information technology so attractive for me personally.

My adoration for information technology began within the ninth grade, after i began studying it included in the intensive informatics curriculum during my senior high school. What struck me in the beginning was the immense processing energy which i had inside my disposal by way of the pc, however it required some time that i can uncover this energy was inadequate for trivial calculations. This helped me need to know more, and so i bought ??Summary of Calculations?? by Thomas H. Cormen. This book presented me having a completely " new world ", the field of calculations. Additionally for this, I many userful stuff here of recent facets of this area and that i practically made the decision that information technology is exactly what I needed to complete further on. That??s the way it all began.

Within the academic year 2006-2007, I took part in an excellence course about information technology. This helped me gain experience, similarly in informatics, and however in social relations. I learned to become more creative, to hear others??utes opinions and that i developed my communication capabilities, together with enhancing my abilities in programming. Furthermore, I took part in many national contests where I faced new challenges where I learned much more about this area. In 2007, I received to begin with in the National Informatics Olympiad bynet, which provided the chance to participate in the national informatics team selection. Within the same year I additionally won second place in the National Contest ??Grigore Moisil??.

One of my favorite encounters worth mentioning happened throughout May-August 2008, after i labored like a volunteer in the SNAC Romania association. Together with a graphics designer along with a logopedist, I developed educational software for kids with disabilities (dyslalia, dyslexia, late speaking), the programming aspect being recognized entirely by me. The program is made entirely in C , while using SDL library (, and comprised well over 15000 lines of code. This experience assisted me know how a task should be handled, how you can respect due dates and just how to enhance my information technology capabilities.

Aside from my curiosity about information technology and my study preoccupation, I additionally give my free time a huge role, since it is the only real occasion that i can relax. Music is just one of my greatest passions, which is the reason why, within the ninth grade, I began playing drums. By selecting drums being an instrument, I came across which i prefer order and rhythmicity, i learned that I am inclined to have a strict order in everything I actually do. If this involves sports, I favor swimming around I'm able to, since it enhances my self-control and it is benefic in my health insurance and spirit. Additionally for this, throughout weekends and holidays, I practice alpinism, when i take into account that it provides me the occasion to manage and take care of extreme situations. I lately mastered the greatest peak in Romania, Mount Moldoveanu (2544 m). I additionally participated in a first-aid national contest organized through the Red-colored Mix Romania, which provided the chance to become the best choice of the save team. This assisted me get to know how you can face critical situations and improve my leadership abilities.

I frequently believe that information technology can give me the opportunity to achieve greater peaks, and that i really take into account that it's already assisted me see existence in different ways. Programming provided the opportunity to help many kids with special needs, to satisfy interesting people, to uncover a " new world ". That's precisely why I must study and consume a career within this area.

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