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Computer Science Masters

After graduation from college for 2 several weeks along with the Telecommunication major, I labored within the VietNam Mobile telecommunication System company (VMS). Throughout six several weeks working there, my understanding was broaden much in GSM network and computer network that was accustomed to collect reviews all VMS??s stations. However I figured I desired to search for a far more creative project for my way through VMS was always nearly completely made by the co-venture, the people from other countries. Using the understanding I required in computer network, I targeted in a software applications programming area, where Vietnam can perform alone and contend with other nations. Now I thank myself for your right decision

I had been affected in what the Boss during my current company, Global Cybersoft, stated. ??We're here to determine critical financial systems-of-scale and compete effectively within the challenging global software outsourcing business??. I've been working 2 yrs within this company with this slogan i believe. Our items that I led a great deal is really a software accustomed to control and manage the motion and behavior of the specific robot within an IC manufacturing factory. After nearly twelve months of diligent, the product was shown in the SEMICON West fair of solutions for factory automation in semiconductor area organized in San Jose and Bay Area in This summer 2001

Using the goal to build up from the software programmer to some system analyzer and designer, after which to some consultant in fields where automation is used, I actually do my favorite to broaden my understanding. I attended talkings, workshops and couple of-day courses locked in my opportunity and college. Individuals workshops and courses were about a lot of things from pure programming to database, to visual modeling, a modeling where things are presented in diagram, to high technologies in programming and also to ISO 9001 too. Certainly one of individuals workshops is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI).AI is used to produce programs able to work with data which both human and machine can understand. It's so promising and thus interesting which i made the decision to perform a research about using AI in internet to create a more effective web. These studies began in June and can continue for about 9 several weeks

Throughout time of working and enjoying understanding, I desire to have an organized education. This kind of education can help me approach my wish of generating an master degree in Information Technology and after this track of a Ph.D. I Quickly will go farther by utizing our prime-quality, low-cost technical expertise obtainable in Viet Nam to supply software items and software outsourcing services around the globe. The work may have an essential concept of not just making myself wealthy but showing that Viet Nam??s engineers can handle maintaining with fast altering technologies, adjusting to innovation and creating a productive contribution to global technology

With my interests of Artificial Intelligence and computer-programming, I really hope to review abroad for any couple of years, while deepening my own and academic understanding in It. Over time, I picture personally an individual who adds all of the understanding, encounters and heart to the introduction of Viet Nam in Asia and on the planet

The very first time Used to do some factor which may be known as programming was on the prrr-rrrglable pocket calculator. It was a present from my dad after i finished my ninth grade and was qualified to go in probably the most famous senior high school here, the Le Hong Phong senior high school. I performed with this particular intelligent toy ?C which was things i think about it in those days ?C for just one month until my mathematic problems were too hard to become solved on my small calculator. I Quickly passed the doorway test towards the Ho Chi Minh city College of Technoloy and find the Telecommunication department from the Electric and Electronic faculty with the aim of grasbing the basic principles of Electronics and Computer systems.


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