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Computer Science 8

Computing and it is programs have always intrigued me and that's why I've discovered my A-level courses very interesting. This has maintained my lengthy-term curiosity about computer-related careers

I've analyzed mathematics, physics and computing to some-level as well as throughout the very first year at Hillsides Road Sixth Form College I re-required my GCSE British. This past year which year I've been enhancing my self-learning, and developing many abilities with the aid of the important thing abilities qualifications along with a-level General Studies

My sincerest desire is to become computer researcher. Particularly, I'm thinking about exploring how problems could be patterned and solved using artificial intelligence. I should also find out about human cognition and machine intelligence. I've been staring at the online debate over whether machines is ever going to become ??intelligent?? because of the current span of research and reading through about such issues as whether a piece of equipment can buy ??good sense?? (as talked about in Hubert Dreyfus??s book ??What Computer systems Still Can??t Do??). I've been exploring a variety of areas inside the domain of artificial intelligence (for example neural systems, genetic calculations, and natural language processing)

The end result is that I wish to take part in this exciting area

Within the summer time I traveled to Russia, and completely loved exploring a really different place in the world

My other interests include current matters and sports, for example football, tennis and general fitness. Since the beginning of sixth form I've been a effective person in the school football team. I've performed basketball being an enrichment activity since it would be a new sport in my experience at the outset of sixth form. I additionally took part in a 5-a-side indoor football tournament in the college. Additionally to going after my academic studies I must continue a few of these sports at college.


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