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Classics Personal Statement

I've selected to review Classics at college since it is a topic which mixes both my interests in literature and history. I've been lucky enough to browse the work of numerous classical authors, for example Homer??s ??Journey??, and Sophocles?? ??Oedipus the King?? although studying Classics in an An Amount. I greatly loved reading through the thrilling adventure from the ??Journey??, however, it's the mental depth of Sophocles?? tragedy which has amazed me, and proven me the real essence of Classical Studies. Additionally to reading through the set plays and books of my Classics course, I've taken it upon myself to see more classical literature to higher myself within the subject. I've read Homer??s ??Iliad??, that has greatly enhanced my understanding and appreciation from the ??Journey?? and that i also have read James Joyce??s ??Ulysses??: a contemporary novel based on Odysseus?? travels in Homer??s second epic poem. I loved this book hugely, and contains highlighted how classical literature influences today's world. I are also staring at the Art and Architecture from the Ancient World, which module has permitted me, not just to appreciate the ability of the designers and also the fine particulars within the work, but additionally to check out different representations of numerous ancient misconceptions. It is indeed my greatest desire to study more classical literature to help find out about the great minds from the classical age.

Studying Classics in a college level will assist you to provide me with essential abilities for just about any career which i may choose later on, for example examining and understanding specific sources, and interacting this understanding to others an important skill in everyday existence. I'm presently studying British Literature and History, in addition to Classics, at An Amount, and that i also have analyzed French at AS Level. The abilities which i learn in British Literature and History will especially aid me in studying Classics at college, as both subjects entail examining a resource and covering it inside a obvious and concise way. These subjects haven't only assisted to enhance my writing and analytical abilities, but they also have trained me to with confidence apply arguments to a particular texts and support these arguments through independent research. Studying French at AS Level will even benefit my study of Classics it's enhanced my language abilities and can aid me around learning Latin at college, as French and Latin have very strong linguistic ties. French has additionally enhanced my appreciation of various cultures and communities.

I've positively played in lots of extra curricular activities and community service projects within and outdoors school. I'm area of the NSPCC group during my school, and that i have assisted to organise many fund-raising occasions varying from bake sales to quiz nights. I'm area of the Sixth Form Choir and Women Choir, and also have carried out in several concerts. However, probably the most challenging, and rewarding, community work that I've been involved with was the Handicapped Children??s Pilgrimage Trust (HCPT). Within this charitable organisation it had been our obligation to entertain and take care of a number of disabled children on the week lengthy trip in Lourdes, in addition to several excursions in London. This demonstrated to become demanding sometimes, however, the boldness, capacity and immense feeling of achievement I obtained demonstrated to become worthwhile ultimately, compounded because we gained the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Apollo Award for Special Merit.


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