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Classics & English Personal Statement

Although Shakespeare informs us otherwise, when Wilde states that ??It's the spectator, and never existence, that art really mirrors.?? it's his position towards that we am very likely. The need for literature isn't exclusively it mirrors the lives of Aeschylus in fifth century Athens or Murakami & 60s Japan, but these works show us ourselves too. The whole shebang of classical authors offer invaluable experience right into a world and culture that's at the same time both our very own and fully alien to us today. While Ovid??s findings on seduction aren't any dissimilar to individuals propounded by modern dating experts, Plato??s ideas of ideal governance are to date taken off our current models regarding appear abhorrent.

For me personally, the real fascination from the ancient world is based on its interactions with this own from the classical allusions scattered through Shakespeare towards the Ciceronian touches within the speeches of Obama. My study of British and world literature hasn't only assisted me to understand great works, but to understand more about their financial obligations towards the classical period a good example being Dying of the Salesperson, which explores modern styles through classical motifs and structures. In studying these interactions we are able to understand ourselves with regards to another both distant from and irresistibly a part of us.

I'm an passionate and difficult-working individual, working weekends in a restaurant throughout the educational year, additionally to working yesteryear 3 summer season this season trying out an internship using the British Chamber of Commerce in The city being an occasions co-ordinator, where I up-to-date and edited the organization??s membership directory additionally to planning networking occasions. This summary of work has trained me both personal time management abilities and involve graft & determination to attain goals.

I spent a week this summer time in the London Summer time School in Classics at King??s College London, studying Classical Greek, that we discovered to be an enriching which stimulates experience, because it introduced me both towards the rigours of intense learning, also to the independence and versatility of the college-style learning atmosphere. My verve for that language is really which i now take extra classes outdoors from the regular school timetable.

My particular interest rates are for classical theatre, specially the energy and relevance to modern existence from the issues elevated in Greek tragedy, that we furthered through study regarding Greek and Roman theatre for that dental module of my PCert Lam, by which I achieved a distinction with 94%, the greatest score ever achieved inside my examination center.

I've got a passion in current matters and politics, getting took part in a pan-European Model European Council last spring, leading a team representing the federal government of Cyprus. This experience is made tougher through the election from the Cypriot Communist Party to office on our day's arrival. My leadership abilities, however, permitted us to rapidly adapt our positions to those new conditions and also to achieve our new-found goals in the conference.

Additionally, I'm positively active in the amateur theatre scene of The city, taking part both being an actor and specialist in several productions, most lately King Lear , on the top of dealing with large roles both off and on stage in class productions of the Midsummer Evening??s Dream and also the Crucible. Within the last five years I've attended the Festival of European Amateur Theatrical Communities, showing up in top rated productions which this past year included in the winning stage management team, additionally to operating seem for an additional production. I additionally act as a semi-professional video and seem editor, getting worked with with buddies with an amateur feature-length film project, scripted on my own.

These encounters have given me not just a broad appreciation from the arts value, but additionally of the myriad options, options Hopefully study regarding the literature, both ancient and modern will let me further explore.


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