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Postgraduate Chemical Engineering

I've strong curiosity about science and large ambition during my major

As being a daughter of the engineer, my curiosity about science was cultivated from an earlier age. My patents inculcated understanding in my experience. Thank you for them, I enjoy a strong curiosity about science. What Composed the planet? Why they're looked different one another? What are the relations together? A lot of occasions, I marveled in the energy from the energy of science and it is ingenious application to technology

It wasn't only following your rules at chemistry but a celebration assisted me made my ultimate decision to major chemistry. For the reason that party, a classmate of my mother, leader of the textile factory explained that their synthetic fibre were imported, since within our country no factory can produce them. This really shocked me ! At that time, I made the decision which i would choose chemistry although not others as my major

My ability in studying, full-development, and communication can best take into account the awards I've granted

I acquired the very best 1% GPA throughout the very first year in college. My GPA was consistently rank within the 5 bestPercent during my department for an additional years. In addition, as recognition of my academic achievement, I had been awardedPrize scholarship each year (5% students each year). And That I know to become a excellent researcher good GPA isn't enough,. So in addition, I pay much focus on fully development myself . So due to proficient at studying, metabolic rate and obtain well with instructors and students,I won the 3 Good Student Prize (3% students each year during my college).As well as in the 2nd term, I had been chosen the leader of amusement department of Student??s Association. I had been granted of theprize in my outstanding ability of leader. Which year, I finished my College studying being an ??Outstanding Graduate??(3% graduate each year )

A effective researcher is first of all a effective investigator. Cellular this, I've particularly observed to build up my very own ability of independent learning and research during my past year studying

From 1997 to 1998, throughout the courses around the basic principles of chemistry, I've gathered hands-on experience with modifying and operating experimental tools, obtaining and examining data, creating apparatus. It's exhilarating to discover the way the mysteries around the globe ate described by a number of simple laws and regulations and just how probably the most abstract ideas result in improvement within our daily existence. But After obtaining the required information, I discovered you should turn individuals concrete into abstract conclusions. To be able to have it, I've analyzed within an arduous way, always attempting to hold the essence of ideas and also the methodology hiding inside books. Now, things i could make the most of like a science student would be the strict learning abstract thinking, logical education, scrupulous experimental operation and examining problems both qualitatively and quantitatively

A precious facet of my undergraduate education is my research experience

In 1999 I joined the chemistry Engineering Lab after i would be a Junior

My job there's to create a multiply situation to assistant professor??s teaching and research. Throughout this program, I acquired acquainted with standard electronics facilities and mastered many different types of software for example AutoCAD, Stand out, Origin, Ms powerpoint, Deamwaver and so forth. And That I was proficient at retrieval of Chemical Literatures and arrangement of chemistry document. With this work, I just read a great deal on Chemical Engineering, which helped me obvious and obvious, where you can devote my intellect and, how to locate my happiness and success later on

After which ,in 2000??I joined the Membrane Lab .The project of the Lab is researching the anti-pollution membrane. This is actually an operating and challenge work. Since within the initial level, we want perform a great deal of experiments over and over for founding a much better method. We frequently workday in and day trip. Together member, I recognize the need for co-operation, along with the need for individual responsibility inside a project-oriented group

Now, I'm in desperate necessity of graduate education

Though my understanding and experience acquired with years, throughout study and research, unsolvable problems will come up whenever I went beyond my textbook. Sometimes, a lot tentative ideas arrived to my thoughts, however i just couldn??t achieve all of them due to insufficient understanding and abilities of myself and what??s more-the possible lack of equipment

To acquire these, I want systematic training in a more complex level badly. And That I discovered that lots projects that are just in the initial level during my country have previously arrived at a professional one out of yours. If only to become accepted within the professional atmosphere you presented to put down on the way toward my existence-lengthy career, to become a productive and original research or professor. And So I??michael wanting to further my study inside your college

My prospects within the College Of Southern Denmark is fantastic for my further development. It offers the very best atmosphere for graduate education, including competitive and provoking academic atmosphere, active and fruitful research, use of first-class facilities, and shut interaction between students and it is distinguished faculty

I recognize that admission to your college is extremely competitive

But considered myself highly qualified and eager any challenges for me personally, and that i will unquestionably prepare for. I'd happy if be recognized. Appreciate taking my application into account

Searching toward talking with you.

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Application for Postgraduate Chemical Engineering for student from USA, using to Denmark


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