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Medicinal Chemistry Personal Statement

Chemistry attracts my practical and analytical character negligence me that begins by asking: ??How??? and ??Why??? and doesn??t quit until I've the solutions. My passion for Chemistry has brought me to get familiar with various occasions like the Salters?? Festival of Chemistry, where my analytical Chemistry and practical abilities were examined and my team gained 3rd devote ??The College Challenge??. I've also played during my school??s Science Week, where I aided instructors by monitoring more youthful students because they completed various experiments.

In addition to pure Chemistry, I've also loved individuals subjects which linked Biology and Chemistry, like the Connecting subjects in Chemistry and also the Biological Molecules subjects present in Biology. I anticipate using information learned in Chemistry to help explain the processes behind biological functions at degree level. In my opinion the detail is important towards the problem, so when using science to resolve problems, Chemistry is really a science by pointing out detail: searching at just how the small things, for example temperature or pressure can effect entire responses or industrial processes. For the reason that I like fixing issues that I selected to review Maths at ??A?? Level, using the C1 module in Year 11 and generating a b.

I've lately attended a celebration organised by Careers MCS on subjects for example Biochemistry and Pharmacology, which has furthered my curiosity about Medicinal Chemistry. I really hope to review the chemistry behind processes like cell signalling, caffeine responses associated with ligand-receptor interactions and just how caffeine qualities from the drugs affect their pharmacodynamics.

I like reading through articles in magazines for example ??Science et Vie??. I believe that you should have the ability to know very well what researchers say in other languages, which French magazine has provided me use of articles on subjects I might not have otherwise learned about. In my opinion that studying ??A?? Level French has permitted me to build up vital communication and comprehension abilities, and it has given me the various tools to operate within an worldwide scientific community, when i aspire to pursue work abroad.

Outdoors of faculty, I volunteer like a Youthful Leader inside my local Guides where I lead activities for Brownies and Guides, and be a part of various charitable and community-based projects. I've been part of the Guiding Association for 12 many the knowledge has permitted me to build up leadership, team-work and communication abilities. I'm a keen athlete, getting performed for Leicestershire U14 County Netball Squad and also at the U17 Leicestershire County Academy. I've also performed in my school??s first VII Netball Squad within the last 2 yrs and throughout the Summer time I required part inside a Netball Tour of Australia. The tour was an amazing experience, giving me the chance to compete in watching worldwide Netball, and that i was named ??Player from the Match?? for that first match from the tour. I like writing artistically and I've been writing poetry and short tales for several years. My poetry continues to be released in 2 poetry anthologies as well as an American magazine known as ??Teen Ink??. Additionally to writing poetry, I'm even the Creative Writing Editor in my school magazine ??The Leicestrian??, a publish needing good organisational and personal time management abilities to be able to meet my due dates and organise others to satisfy their own.

Chemistry is really a challenging subject which demands effort and perseverance, however i believe that i'm an organised and motivated student who'd satisfy the challenges of the Chemistry degree with enthusiasm and fervour.


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