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Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 1

My first Chemistry lesson at senior school. My teacher put a generous quantity of a curious orange powder (that we later learnt to become ammonium dichromate (Mire)) onto a heatproof pad. She captivated it and that i was dumbfounded, for she'd produced a volcano within the laboratory! It had been this illustration showing an easy thermal decomposition that sparked my curiosity about Chemistry. It wasn't only the demonstration that interested me it had been the need to know why and how. It had been at this time around which i realized my true adoration for the sciences and just how they may be utilized in the realm of today.

I've an analytical mind and take curiousity about absorbing new material in addition to developing my knowledge of things i have previously learnt. Consequently of my academic performance I had been granted the honor of sixth form scholar in the British School of Paris. I'm careful, highly motivated and also have a particular curiosity about Chemistry and that's why I'm using the AEA examination in Chemistry within the summer time. I wish to carry on far above things i already know just. During my spare time I just read throughout my interests I'm a customer to ??New Researcher.?? Probably the most fascinating articles which i read lately was a free account of the items the planet could be like if there is no oil today, in addition to potential options if this finally expires. This intrigued me as I've got a specific curiosity about organic Chemistry. The reason being I've found the depth in addition to breadth from the discipline very profound. I'm presently reading through Steve Squyres ??Roving Mars??: a magazine concerning the Spirit and Chance Mars Exploration Automobiles. If not reading through throughout my market I are available teaching fellow people from the sixth form in Chemistry and Mathematics. It has permitted me to achieve a useful understanding of how others think in addition to giving me a feeling of community inside the school and it has assisted me further my knowledge of Chemistry, as when teaching, I must take a look at facets of the training from the different position. I'm area of the school??s Maths challenge team and aspire to compete within the 2008 Worldwide Senior Maths Challenge.

I required part inside a Headstart course in the College of Nottingham within the summer time by which I'd my first true experience with chemical engineering. This intrigued me when i had found an operating application for Chemistry in today??s world. The 2 major projects that people completed involved the separation of ink from water using triggered carbon and research into Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell technology a subject that actually intrigues me. My team at Headstart shown high amounts of skill and enthusiasm in fixing any task which was put before us. Both of these projects really become a huge hit to my key interests, Chemistry and Mathematics in addition to Physics.

I've also labored using the advertising agency TBWAG1 in Paris. G1 is TBWA??s automotive industry specialist. Although I had been there' was requested to create a presentation around the ??eco-friendly qualifications?? of numerous automotive companies. That's, researching the technologies that companies for example Spend and BMW use to be able to become more eco-friendly and stated technology??s commercial stability. I've lately requested experience with GlaxoSmithKline for that Feb half term holidays.

I love to get involved with a number of extra curricular activities. I'm while finishing the Gold Degree of the Duke of Edinburgh??s Award Plan. I have fun playing the school??s Model Un and required part within the 2006 Paris Conference. I'm the cofounder from the school??s film society and revel in rowing and mountain climbing. It is not only Chemistry that interests me, it's how Chemistry and science generally may be used to advance technologies in a variety of diverse fields: in the creation of new medications towards the improvement of fuels as well as various industrial processes. In a nutshell, how science is shaping our way of life.


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