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Chemistry 1

Since studying Chemistry and Design & Technology at An amount, my need to develop my understanding of chemistry, integrating using computer systems with technology, has elevated. If only to review in greater depth the possibility interrelations of those subjects and anticipate the initial creative options that the greater understanding and knowledge of them brings. If only to review both theoretical and practical programs of chemistry, computer systems and computer assisted technology in a greater level.

I've went after two experience positions, that have confirmed my curiosity about chemistry and computer systems. They demonstrated me, although inside a limited way, the interface between pure science and personal computers. I labored within an analytical laboratory at I.C.I., examining chemicals (e.g. utilizing an infra red-colored spectrometer and gas chromatograph) and taking advantage of databases. This enhanced my computer literacy in addition to developing other abilities, for example responsibility, working together, communication, listening abilities and dealing to due dates. I've completed a CLAIT course and am thinking about home computing and also the Internet. I've also assisted to construct an internet site. Included in my Technology and design course I've been developing my CAD abilities extensively by creating a variety of three dimensional models in Professional-Desktop. I had been also compensated by having an ??outstanding effort?? certificate in Technology and design, further setting out my passion and dedication for that subject.

From school, I've a multitude of interests. My primary passions are skiing and ping pong. In ping pong I've accomplished a creditable national ranking, and i'm captain from the County team. In May 2001 I had been because of the chance to compete in Finland included in the ISO games. I've taken part in several national competitions and lately captained a team within the Junior British League. I'm now starting a training course, that will leave me like a qualified Level Two Coach. Within school I've been school team captain. I'm and in the college football team, and am area of the sixth form league champion??s 5-a-side team. My participation in sport is promoting my leadership and working together abilities in addition to showing me the dedication that's needed to understand and develop abilities. I additionally enjoy music concerts and learning how to play the bass guitar. I've also completed numerous courses in swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and snorkelling. I've travelled extensively all over the world going to Asia, The Center East, America, South Usa, and Europe.

In my opinion the courses I'm studying, combined with understanding and abilities I've acquired from school in experience and sporting hobbies is going to be particularly helpful for that challenge of degree level attend college.


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