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Biomedical Sciences/Biology/Medicine Personal Statement

In the last 2 yrs I've acquired a mix of diverse scientific understanding, analytical abilities and personal time management. My Biology and Chemistry A-levels have given me an affection of methods molecular structures create complex biochemical systems, which can produce changes around the macro scale of tissue and organs which medicine works. Psychology provides a

scientific knowledge of mental phenomenon in an alternative level to molecular interactions while refining my essay writing and evaluating abilities. It has developed my capability to articulate scientific ideas clearly and briefly in extended prose. My current interests lye in study regarding mammalian microbiology, disease and genetics and i'm presently finding ??The building of the Fittest?? by Sean B. Carroll an informative read. I'm particularly interested in the physiology from the eye and just how photoreceptor pigments have developed and differ between species because of selection demands. To conclude Biomedical Sciences can help me to transfer my scientific interests right into a well regarded as, fascinating specialty with practical


Additionally to some-Levels, I've ready for greater education with the Manchester Access Programme (MAP), to improve use of top colleges for academically able students. For MAP I loved writing a project on coronary artery disease targeted beyond A-Level standard, that I acquired an ideal score. My research trained me in an atomic level how redox signalling imposes inflammatory reactions in addition to encouraging phagocytosis of cholesterol within the tunica intima. The resulting ??foam cells?? die and cholesterol is deposited again. This provided a look into how biological repair can occasionally propagate further trouble for your body within this situation atheromatous lesions are created. My mentor for that MAP was studying for any PhD in Biology and discussions with him have given me an educated outlook during the requirements of Degree level study whilst an ambition to achieve success at Degree level and beyond. The task of MAP inspired me to attempt the Perspectives on Science Extended Project presently I'm thinking about controversies in medical science, and taking pleasure in discussing the MMR vaccine such as the influence of Dr Wakefield and particular media figures. I shall soon begin the dissertation part of the course by which I shall request what modern genetics can and can't inform us about humans, which simply will assess the extent from the role genes really play in predisposing humans to traits and behaviors.

In addition to assist identify my ideal degree course I began several work positions. These incorporated volunteering for a short while at Wigan & Leigh Hospital and shadowing my local GP. Both of these periods provided experience into possible career possibilities allied to health care and pharmacy, along with the role of disease in society. That aside, Personally i think which i always respond well when encircled by gifted peers, and so i believe Degree level study will assist you to increase how old irrrve become and intellect, but additionally enabling me to boost the conventional of others. Alongside my academic dedication I've been in a position to enjoy many hobbies, permitting me to unwind and spend some time from work. I play for an eleven and six a-side football team but team sport has assisted me be of the leader, capable of giving and receive constructive critique. I'm always active during my leisure and that i feel this helps me to simply adjust to college


Ultimately, In my opinion I'm knowledgeable in regards to the demands and possibilities of the Biomedical Sciences course. Consequently I'm certain that my interest, enjoyment and motivation through the course will stay high. I additionally feel I'm suitable for greater education because of my passionate, competitive and positive character in addition to my aptitude for science.


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