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Biology 生物 Personal Statement 范文之八

Since as sometime ago when i can remember I will always be intrigued through the natural world. That childish fascination hasn't left me but deepened through the years. This interest has brought me to my passion for biology, ecology, animal behavior and evolution.

Following my graduation from Senior High School I analyzed Biological Sciences for 2 years in the Catholic College of Chile in Santiago. From March 1997 to November 1998 I had been obliged to take a rest from my studies at college as my dad was moving in the city to some more remote province. While helping my dad I could work carefully with wild birds of prey amongst others and that i was effective in breeding the endangered chinchillas. Throughout time from college I ongoing to deepen my understanding of my subject and analyzed transformative thinking and also the biological foundation of behavior. I additionally labored for any brief time like a translator which helped me believe that possibly my British was adequate o complete my studies within an British speaking country.

Since visiting Oxford and their studies at OLT I've enhanced my written British a good deal. I'm a person in Natural History Museum (London) and lately attended a training course known as ??A Brief History of Evolution??. The course was organised by Birkbeck College and happened in the Natural History museum working in london each Wednesday. The course continues to be fascinating and it has offered to verify my suspicion the more I discover this subject the greater I wish to know.

I'm hopeful that these studies in Santiago, how old irrrve become and my experience of this area will let me go into the second year of the undergraduate programme within the United kingdom. After finishing my undergraduate it is indeed my desire to continue their studies at postgraduate level and ultimately conduct my very own research in this region.

My other academic interests include, Paleoanthropology, and also the background and growth and development of science. I'm most thinking about the documents of Darwin and Thomas and Henry Huxley.

I'm interested in fitness training, equine riding, trekking and diving. I'm most interested in most outside hobbies. I'm also keen to build up my recently found abilities in classical singing and dance.

I understand that like a non-native student I'll be needed to operate harder than my contemporaries and i'm prepared to achieve that. I've got a cheerful and open-minded disposition and anticipate discussing and exploring new ideas.

I really hope may application is going to be considered more positively.


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