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Biochemistry, Physiology and Forensic Science

The courses I am applying for are: Biochemistry/Sandwich Medical Biochemistry Physiology and Biochemistry Forensic Science The reasons for these choices are that I am studying both biology and chemistry at A Level and enjoy these two subjects the most and would like to combine them at higher education. The field of Forensic science is another area I would like to study as it is a fairly new subject area which is constantly changing and developing


I find the chemistry side of biology the most interesting and the biology element in chemistry more appealing, because I can apply it to real life. The particular aspects of the A Level courses are genetics, physiology and enzymes. I am also studying A Level IT which aids data recording and analysis

From the age of 13 I did a paper delivery round for three years and office administration for a local building contractor, for a weeks work experience. I am currently employed as a part time waiter at the Craythorne Golf Club and also work as a part time shop assistant at Budgens, a local supermarket. When I was younger I helped at the RSPCA walking dogs

I have achieved a Bronze and Silver Award through the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. This has greatly developed my team building skills, as well as enabling me to progress on an individual basis. As I thoroughly enjoyed both the Bronze and Silver levels, I have decided to continue and hopefully attain my Gold award

My future plans are a career in the science field, where my special interests lie in Forensics, particularly out in the field, where I can expand my working knowledge and gain further skills

In my leisure time I enjoy mountain biking, bowling, skiing, cinema visits and playing computer games. In February I went on a skiing trip with the school to Quebec in Canada. I had previously taken skiing lessons at a winter sports facility, and was able to improve this skill during the visit. I jog and visit the gym regularly and cycle often. I enjoy reading and surfing the Internet. I was a member of the Scout Group from Beavers all the way through to Scouts, gaining many badges and a certificate of achievement

I am physically fit and relish a challenge. I am generally well motivated and a good team player with the ability to get on well with people. I have a good sense of humour and make new friends quickly.

General Comments:

There are numerous problems with this personal statement: It opens by stating what the applicant is applying for. This is bad as the person reviewing the statement already has all the relevant information anyway. It then waffles ineffectively without conveying any real passion for the subject before listing a shed load of completely irrelevant information. Being “physically fit” is commendable but not something to put on your statement.


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