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产品设计工程学Product Design and Engineering Personal Statement

Everything has the ability to be improved in some way to suit the current environment; materials, construction, shape and function alter with time. Looking at various things in everyday life, I often see possible ideas for these improvements and analyse their current design. I have always taken a keen interest in the way things are constructed, especially things which involve mechanics. As a child, I often took things apart just to see what was on the inside, and then, had the challenge of working out where all the bits went when putting it back together. I started to build radio controlled models, such as planes, helicopters and cars, and went on to race in various race series and national race events. Over the years I have been exposed to various elements of engineering design, engineering and manufacture.

I am currently studying 3D Design at City College Coventry, where I am aiming to achieve three Distinctions. The BTEC course has various modules in design which include a variety of skills such as presenting work, modelling in small and large scale and 3D Computer Modelling as well as analysing my ideas and adjusting them to suit a market of potential buyers, taking into account elements of function, style, cost and construction. One of my first year projects was to produce an IPod Docking Station. I was limited by the manufacturing methods available – being only allowed to use vacuum forming for the majority of the case design. This showed me how cost and possible construction methods can constrain the outcome of a product. None the less I was able to design, and produce an outcome which looked good and had multiple purposes, one being a totally hands free device that was able to float on water, was totally water proof and able to self right if it were to lose balance.

During my last 2 years of secondary school, I completed an NVQLevel2, PEO in Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Electrics at MGTS. This included visits to various industries such as Walkers, LTI, Parcel Force. These visits included tours of the buildings, looking into the technology and machinery and the various processes that allow the company to keep to timescales and targets. For several years I have been using various computer modelling suites such as Solidworks and Rhinoceros, using skills such as CAD, flow analysis, stress testing of materials and construction techniques and movement analysis. I am very interested in learning new techniques and trying out different pieces of software.

I recently decided to write a design brief for myself. I wanted to design a hand held water pump which not only used minimal amounts of power, but also to perform better than all other pumps on the current market. It consists of a drive gear, connecting to six smaller gears which used a worm gear feature to create a ‘cyclone’ or ‘tornado’ effect. This proved to be a very successful design and a prototype is being considered and possibly manufactured.

I am currently in part-time employment with Pizza Hut UK Ltd. Keeping to strict time schedules and also complying with the global health and safety laws when working with food has not only given me insight on how this organisation works, but also how it could be improved. I am currently undergoing training to take on a managerial role within the company. I also had the opportunity to work with a motor sports company called Rogue Motorsport, the UK’s leading Toyota MR2 specialist. This allowed me to see how cars are prepared for the race track and road, attending race meetings and preparing the cars for the day of racing.
As a student, I feel I am ready for further/advanced challenges in the field of engineering and design. This course is the pathway to my career in the industry.


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