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Like a year 13 student at ********* **** School, Nottingham, I'm within the final year of my A-Level studies. My current subjects are: Maths, Physics and ICT and to date I've been quite effective with my schoolwork as well as in my exams. In maths Used to do a task on odds which year I'm carrying out a project in mechanics. In physics Used to do a task in Hooke??s law which year I've selected the particular warmth capacity project. In ICT I developed a record and purchasers system which year I must design an identical system but it will likely be much more complex then the first. By doing each one of these projects I've acquired self respect and are available to understand how hard and sophisticated the real life is

My greatest grades have been in maths which is where my real abilities lie

Due to i have made the decision to follow along with a training course in aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering has intrigued me from an earlier age which is the reason why it happens to be my dream profession. I believe this is a great career for me personally since i have is a chance to solve mathematical and physical problems. Personally i think that greater education will hone and develop these abilities further. This subject won't let me investigate technology but it will likewise produce the chance to build up and concentrate on a single of my genuine interests

My interest was increased after i visited an military base with my uncle who's base commander. I had been proven coupled with described in my experience everything concerning the C-130, a classic plane however it was supply of inspiration. Next, I attended many lectures about aircraft structures and engines

These lectures have given us a good knowledge of the type of course I wish to follow

I've resided in several parts around the globe making me an individual who can certainly adjust to any atmosphere. It has also enabled me to talk an overall total of 4 languages. These languages are: Nederlander, German, British and Urdu

I've also learned to become keen, careful, diligent along with a reliable person. I'm additionally a good timekeeper and revel in meeting people

I recieve on well with individuals and may work nicely either by myself or as part of a team. Before moving towards the Uk I resided in Belgium. There' was but still am a normal readers of numerous science magazines for example Pc Network which stored me current from the latest developments in the realm of computer systems. I additionally accustomed to attend a night time school to understand French

I've labored inside a retail store for 2 years simply time employment. There' labored being an assistant manager. My responsibilities incorporated handling and banking money, operating till and giving other employees instructions. Here' learnt about leadership, realistic working together and financial restrictions. I've also labored like a telephonist. I've also labored for seven days within the same retail store like a manager, by working here' truly realized about responsibility. Here everything was virtually my responsibility

My hobbies include: reading through, hearing music, playing sport and computing. Time which i invest in my computer is mainly carrying out experiments onto it. Sometimes out in the local fitness center and i'm searching for a great boxing club to become listed on. I play football and cricket very frequently, usually during my free time. The sports I like probably the most are football and cricket. The game by which I'm best at is badminton

I really hope my application is going to be effective, when i know I have the possibility to complete well at greater education. I am certain that the college can help me in a position to become something and someone recognisable.


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