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心理学 Psychology

Psychology 3

Within the last 13 years I??ve lived in Sweden, I'm however initially from Denmark and that i speak both languages fluently. My dad who's a professional from the foreign department within an entrepreneur company has throughout his career lived in a variety of nations.

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Psychology 2

My interest in psychology and society??s behavioural patterns has been an aspect of my studies that I have wanted to expand on for a long time. To satisfy my curiosity of these topics I chose Sociology as one of my A-level subjects. Over the past year I have found the various theories and ideologies from different cultures and different studies by sociologists, extremely interesting and thought provoking. It is this sociological research that has further fuelled my interest in human interaction and also compelled me to continue in Sociology as an A-level subject rather just an AS level

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Psychology 1

I've selected to review Psychology to be able to fulfil a lengthy-term curiosity about the complexness of human behavior and psyche. I must study within Scotland since i will have the ability to gain some independence in the family yet, I'll be close enough to go to easily.

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